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Lodge Supplies

Form 24-A order form can be downloaded here. (other forms can be downloaded on the Forms page.)

For other supplies, try one of the Fraternal supply companies:

Los Angeles Fraternal Supply Co.

Klitzner Company


J.P. Luther

Kalamazoo Regalia

Proficiency Books (5.5x8.5 folded)
Approaching the Portals
$.50 each
Montana Standard Work, the combined Mnemonics and Monitor. $15.00 each
Officer's Guide (Section 3) $4.50 each
Coach's Handbook (Section 4) $4.50 each
Montana Masonic Manual $16.50 each
Constitution & Code of Statutes: $5.00
Secretary's Guide Book $5.00 each
Treasurer's Guide Book $5.00 each
Mailing Labels $10.00 per set
50-year pin replacement $5.00 each
Widow's pin $5.00 each
Hands of the Workmen book $20.00 each