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Montana Masonic Museum
Hours Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
Please call ahead (406) 442-7774

Grand Lodge of AF&AM of Montana

Grand Officers 2020 - 2021

The Grand Lodge Offices are located at 425 N Park Ave, Helena, Montana. The building is owned by the Montana Masonic Foundation, Inc. Besides the Grand Lodge administrative offices, it also houses the Montana Masonic Museum and Library.

Grand Lodge Officers

2020 -2021

To contact any Grand Lodge Officer please contact the Grand Lodge Office (406) 442-7774

Alan T Frohberg
Grand Master     

Eugene “Bill” Murphy
Deputy Gand Master

Johnathon L. Dahlquist
Senior Grand Warden

David A. Schantz
Junior Grand Warden

Bruce W. Lahti
Grand Treasurer

Daniel J. Gardiner
Grand Secretary

Grand Lodge Office
PO Box 1158
Helena, MT 59624-1158

Appointed Officers 2020 -2021

Kim M. Bowman Sr
Senior Grand Deacon

Sam Whitehead
Junior Grand Deacon

Jason M. Smith
Grand Marshal

Wade H. Riden
Senior Grand Steward

John D. Heston
Junior Grand Steward

Martin A. Reierson
Grand Standard Bearer

Tracy L. Bratcher
Grand Sword Bearer

David E. Sageser
Grand Pursuivant

Harry R. Boughton
Grand Tyler

Earl G. Nilsen
Grand Chaplain

Roger E. Cathel
Grand Historian

Gary D. Wallace
Grand Organist

Gary J. Long
Assistant Grand Treasurer


Grand Lodge Officers Emeritus

Grand Treasurer Emeritus
Martin M. Olsson

Grand Secretary Emeritus
Reid L. Gardiner