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Grand Lodge Officers 2014-2015

2014 – 2015 Grand Lodge Officers

Front Left to Right: Bruce W. Lahti (34), Grand Treasurer; Gerald L. Anderson (155), Junior Grand Warden; Brian J. Murphy (1/6/136), Deputy Grand Master; Donald S. Cerovski (1/37/59/68), Grand Master; Lewis K. Smith, III (14), Senior Grand Warden; Daniel J. Gardiner (3), Assistant Grand Secretary: Reid L. Gardiner (3), Grand Secretary.

Back L to R:  John Thompson (5/41), Grand Historian; Stephen Marsh (149), Grand Pursuivant; William Langford (21/53), Grand Tyler; Bob Brown (22), Grand Standard Bearer; John O. Baber (101), Grand Organist; Johnathon R. Dahlquist (1/68), Junior Grand Steward; Eugene “Bill” Murphy (29), Junior Grand Deacon; Alan T. Frohberg (58), Grand Marshal Frank W. Noble (64), Senior Grand Steward; R. Bruce McGinnis (5), Grand Chaplain;Jeffrey Harada (121), Senior Grand Deacon; Gary Paulson (1/40/68), Grand Sword Bearer (not shown).

Grand Lodge Officers

2014 -2015

Donald S. Cerovski
Grand Master
388-7766 (H)  570-9510 (C)

Brian J. Murphy
Deputy Grand Master     
209-4288 (C)

Lewis K. Smith, III
Senior Grand Warden
560-1602 (C) 846-9790 (W)

Gerald L. Anderson
Junior Grand Warden
544-1038 (C)

Bruce W. Lahti
Grand Treasurer
454-3690 (H) 788-5030 (C) 761-2820 (W)

Reid L. Gardiner
Grand Secretary
442-7774 (W)  410-1543 (C)

Grand Lodge Office
PO Box 1158
Helena, MT 59624-1158

Appointed Grand Lodge Officers

2014 -2015

Jeffrey Harada
Senior Grand Deacon
653-1415 (H) 653-1093 (W) 650-7092 (C)

Eugene “Bill” Murphy
Junior Grand Deacon
656-7330 (H) )208-8287 (C)

Alan T. Frohberg
Grand Marshal
(406) 799-4558 (C)

Frank Noble
Senior Grand Steward
857-6734 (H)     250-7164 (C)

Johnathon L. Dahlquist
Junior Grand Steward
(208) 680-1251 (H)     208) 680-1251 (C)

Robert C. Brown
Grand Standard Bearer
490-6551 (H)     490-6551 (C)

Gary A. Paulson
Grand Sword Bearer
284-6625 (H)     855-1454 (C)

Stephen D. Marsh  
Grand Pursuivant
656-2903 (H)     698-1939 (C)

William J. Langford
Grand Tyler
422-4961 (H)     930-0621 (C)

R. Bruce McGinnis
Grand Chaplain
442-6007 (H)     558-9517 (C)

John S. Thompson
Grand Historian
782-5947 (W)     490-1298 (C)

John O. Baber
Grand Organist
(406) 252-0081 (H)

Daniel Gardiner
Assistant Grand Secretary
(208) 230-1898 (H)     442-7774 (O)    (208) 230-1898 (C)


Grand Lodge Officers Emeritus

Grand Treasurer Emeritus
Martin M. Olsson

Ronan, MT 59864
253-7005 (C),