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Lodge Forms

These can be downloaded and printed, or you can request hard copies sent to you.

The 2014 Annual Return form is here. The instructions are here.

A .zip file containing all standard forms is here. Most are Microsoft Word files, one is Microsoft Excel, and one is Adobe PDF.

Officer Election Report .pdf.

Monthly report, form-fill .pdf.

Form 2: Petition for Degrees PDF

Form 3: Petition for Affiliation .pdf.
Form 4: Petition for Remaining Degrees
Form 5: Investigation
Form 6: Notice of Election
Form 7: Notice of Rejection
Form 8: Certificate of Good Standing
Form 9: Notice of Election for Dual/Plural Membership
Form 10: Notice of Election and Request for Certificate of Transfer
Form 11: Petition to Dimit or Withdraw Dual/Plural Membership
Form 12: Certificate of Withdrawl of Dual/Plural Membership
Form 13: Dimit of Master Mason
Form 14: Application for Reinstatement
Form 15: Request for Courtesy Work
Form 16: Report on Courtesy Work
Form 17: Waiver of Jurisdiction for EA/FC
Form 18: Dimit of EA/FC
Form 19: Notice of Action on Waiver of Jurisdiction for EA/FC
Form 20: Notice of NPD
Form 21: Notice of Suspension for NPD
Form 22: Final Notice for NPD
Form 23: Notice of Suspension for NPD
Form 24: Remittance
Form 25: Notice to Former NPD
Form 27: Petition for Restoration
Form 28: Vigilante Short form
Form 29: Vigilante Long form
Form 30: Officer Election Report
Form 33: Hall of Fame
Form 34: Request for Dispensation