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Ritualist Program

Download a brochure and points-record here.

For the Instructor Certified program, click here.

The Challenge

As a Master Mason, you are challenged to select, memorize and perform parts and lectures from the various degrees and the funeral service. These parts provide you the opportunity to take an active and important role in your lodge’s rituals.

Your lodge will be rewarded by having active members who are able to present exemplary Montana authorized ritual work. Participation in the Ritualist Program should promote lodge attendance, encourage visitation and render assistance to other lodges by providing superior degree work.

Record Keeping

Documentation of your ability and history of performing the various parts of the Official Grand Lodge of Montana ritual from memory provides not only recognition of your hard work and dedication to the craft, but a ready list of members who may be called upon to help the lodges in your area to present the finest possible work.

The primary goals of this program are to develop new Ritualists and to recognize those who are willing and able to perform some of the most important services to their lodges. Points are only awarded for the performance of Montana ritual parts and roles by memory. You may claim the points when you have actually performed the part in lodge. No points will be awarded for reading the parts.

NOTE: In order to be accepted, your record must be submitted with each role, part or lecture actually performed. It must be initialed and dated by a Certified Lodge Instructor, a District Officer, or by an elected Grand Lodge Officer verifying that they have witnessed the part performed during a tyled lodge or a degree, or at a Funeral Lodge.