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Freemasonry and Military Service

  Freemasonry is a fraternity-the oldest and largest      • John Glenn John H. Glenn, Buzz Aldrin (and 11
organization for men in the world. There are about        other astronauts)
One million five hundred thousand Masons in the           • General Walter Boomer
United Sates alone. The chances are that your father,     • Admiral William G. Sizemore
grandfather, or uncle was a member. You may have          Two hundred twenty-four of the men who have
seen him wearing a ring or a lapel pin with the Masonic   been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor are
Square and Compass design.                                members of the Fraternity.

  By the time Freemasonry came to the American              Masons care about our veterans, too. In 1918,
Colonies, around 1670, it had evolved into a Fraternity,  Masonic leaders from across the nation met to form
comprised of men from every walk of life, every           The Masonic Service Association. The purpose was
profession, and every social class. In Europe, its        to create a central clearing-house for contributions
membership included not only scientists, philosophers,    of time and money to help America’s veterans. The
merchants, farmers, musicians, and men in public life,    Hospital Visitation Program is in more than 175
but especially the great military leaders. It was no      Veterans Administration Medical Centers, 26 state
different in the Americas.                                operated Veterans Homes, and a number of military
                                                          hospitals. Hundreds of Masonic volunteers give more
  George Washington, the first Commander in               than a quarter-million hours each year to help America’s
Chief of the American forces, was a member of the         veterans, regardless of whether the veteran is a Mason.
Fraternity. Thirty-three of the men Washington picked
to serve under him were Freemasons, as were such            Sir Winston Churchill, President Franklin D.
Founding Fathers as Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin          Roosevelt, and President Harry S. Truman were
Franklin, Paul Revere, and John Hancock.                  all Freemasons. During the height of the Second
                                                          World War, Truman made a special appearance in
  Commodore John Paul Jones, the father of the            the newsreels being shown in movie theatres all over
United States Navy, was a Mason.                          America. He said, in part,
                                                           “At this very moment, in fox-holes and on shipboard, beneath
  Baron Friedrich von Steuben, a Prussian Freemason        the sea and in the air, countless hands are being clasped in
who joined Washington at Valley Forge, is considered       fraternal recognition of each other in the darkness as well as in
by many to be the founder of the U.S. Army as an           the daylight. And countless fathers, bravely wishing Godspeed
effective and disciplined fighting force.                  to their departing sons, are saying ‘Boy, when your hour of
                                                           darkness and loneliness comes, find a Freemason, and tell him
  Samuel Nicholas, who created the U.S. Marine Corps,      you are the son of a Freemason, and you’ll find a friend.”
was a Freemason.

  General Henry “Hap” Arnold, who was with the Air         General Douglas MacArthur once said: “Freemasonry
Force from its infancy and developed it into a separate    embraces the highest moral laws and will bear the test of any
branch of the Armed Services, was a Freemason.             system of ethics or philosophy ever promulgated for the uplift
                                                           of man.”
  William F. Reynolds, the first officer of the U.S.        Harry Truman said. Anywhere in the world they might be,
Coast Guard to become an Admiral, was a Freemason.        even in a hostile country, they would find friends and Brothers.
Many Masons have had outstanding military records.          It’s also true that you’ll find in Freemasonry
To list only a few:                                       something else that’s found in the military-men you
• General Omar Bradley                                    can trust. Men who will back you, no matter what.
• General Jimmy Doolittle                                 Men who understand what it means to live lives of
• Admiral Richard Byrd                                    honor and integrity. Men who won’t leave you to face
• General Mark W Clark                                    the enemy, or the world, by yourself.
• General George Marshall                                   It’s been a long time since warriors went into battle
• Eddie Rickenbacker                                      on horseback, armed with lance and battleaxe, and it’s
• General Douglas MacArthur                               been a long time since Masons built castles. The tools
• Audie Murphy                                            of both have changed-but the spirit hasn’t.
• General John J. Pershing

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