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John Thompson, Grand Historian  Masonic funerals are performed as a Masonic duty           Darryl Flowers, Sun Times
                              and as a token of respect and fraternal affection to the
                              memory of the departed Brother. A Masonic funeral is         John Thompson, Grand Historian
                              in large part a celebration of a man’s life, and a reminder
John Thompson, Grand Historianto all that he upheld the high standards of character        John Thompson, Grand Historian
                              expected of a Mason; it honors a man of honor. It is a
                              beautiful thing, and one of the most solemn duties of
                              all Masons.

                                The Apron presentation reminds us among other
                              things that upon becoming a Mason, the first gift from
                              the Lodge is the lambskin apron, and when a Mason
                              passes, the last gift from the Lodge is the apron.

                                The Evergreen reminds us that we have an
                              imperishable part within us which will survive the grave
                              and like the evergreen our souls will hereafter flourish
                              in eternal spring.

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