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JPAC                                                 Darryl Flowers, Sun Times
                                                                                                        Darryl Flowers, Sun Times
  During excavation at the wreckage site in 2001 by
Joint Prisoner of War/Missing In Action Accounting   Article - Reid Gardiner
Command (JPAC), the team also recovered a Masonic
Ring. The only member of the crew who was a Mason
was Brother William Bernier.

                                                     Special thanks to: Sandi Jones

                                                     The following artists and photographers provided images
                                                     used in this article:
                                                     Robert Stillwell, Graphic Artist, Malmstrom AFB
                                                     Darryl Flowers, Fairfield Sun Times
                                                     John Thompson, Grand Historian

Darryl Flowers, Sun Times                            The following newspapers, websites, and magazines all
                                                     provided information:
                                                     Archives of the Grand Lodge AF&AM of Montana
                                                     Malmstrom AFB website:
                                                     The Fairfield Sun Ttimes
                                                     The Helena Independent Record
                                                     The Missoulian
                                                     The Associated Press
                                                     Pacific Wrecks
                                                     Joint POW/MIA Accounting/CommandMissing
                                                      Personnel Office (Public Affairs)

Darryl Flowers, Sun Times                                                                                     John Thompson, Grand Historian

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