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                  (GLWRU                       Articles &


      The Montana Freemason Magazine is published by            Article Submission. These points should be followed for
     and is a product of the Montana Masonic Foundation,        articles submitted for publication.
     Inc. Unless otherwise noted; articles in the publication
     express only the private opinion or assertion of the writer   Photographs & Artwork.  Original pictures or pictures
     ƒ† †‘ ‘– ‡…‡••ƒ”‹Ž› ”‡ƪ ‡…–  –Š‡  ‘ƥ  …‹ƒŽ  ’‘•‹–‹‘  ‘ˆ   from digital camera work best,use the highest resolution.
     –Š‡   ‘–ƒƒ   ƒ•‘‹…   ‘—†ƒ–‹‘  ‘”  –Š‡   ”ƒ†   ‘†‰‡   Newspaper pictures and Ink Jet prints will not reproduce
     A.F.&A.M. of Montana.                                      satisfactorily. All photographs must indicate who took
                                                                the photo and the name of the event or persons who may
      The Montana Freemason Magazine is provided to             appear on it. Printed photographs will not be returned.
     ‡„‡”• ‘ˆ –Š‡  ”ƒ†  ‘†‰‡  Ǥ ǤƬ  Ǥ Ǥ ‘ˆ  ‘–ƒƒ „›
     the Montana Masonic Foundation, Inc.                       Text & Copy. Articles must be typewritten. Articles can
                                                                be submitted to the editor by e-mail, fax, regular mail
      All material is copyrighted and is the property of the    ‘” †”‘’’‡† ‘ơ  ƒ– –Š‡  ”ƒ†  ‘†‰‡ ‘ƥ  …‡Ǥ  ”–‹…Ž‡• —•–
     Montana Masonic Foundation, Inc, and the authors. (C)      be spell checked, and are subject to peer review and
     Montana Masonic Foundation, Inc. All rights reserved.      evaluation. Compensation is not permitted for item,
                                                                photo or other material submitted for publication. E-Mail
       ”–‹…Ž‡• ƒ› „‡ ”‡’”‘†—…‡† ‘” †‹•’Žƒ›‡†ǡ ‘†‹Ƥ ‡†ǡ ‘”     all photos and articles to the address below.
     distributed with the permission of the copyright holder.
     When reprinted articles should note: “Reprinted with        ‡‹†  ƒ”†‹‡”ǡ  †‹–‘”
     permission of the Montana Freemason Magazine.”             The Montana Freemason Magazine
                                                                PO Box 1158
      Š‡   †‹–‘”‹ƒŽ   –ƒơ   ‹˜‹–‡•  …‘–”‹„—–‹‘•  ‹  –Š‡  ˆ‘”  ‘ˆ   Helena, MT 59624-1158
     informative articles, reports, news, and other timely
     information that broadly relate to general Masonry.
                                                                (406) 442-7774

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