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Broadwater’s Montana National Bank from 1885 until
     1889. He earned enough money to attend the University
     ‘ˆ  ‹…Š‹‰ƒ  ƒ™  …Š‘‘Žǡ ™Š‡”‡ Š‡ ‰”ƒ†—ƒ–‡† ‹ ͙͙͠͡Ǥ
     He then worked as a lawyer at Helena, as a member of
     •‡˜‡”ƒŽ Žƒ™ Ƥ”• ƒ† –Š‡ ‹ Š‹• ‘™ ’”‹˜ƒ–‡ ’”ƒ…–‹…‡Ǥ

      He possessed an engaging presence, an extensive
     vocabulary, and a wealth of learning; he was endowed
     with a scintillating mind and an orator of exceptional
     achievements. He became interested in public service
     ƒ† „‡Ž‹‡˜‡† –Šƒ– ’—„Ž‹… ‘ƥ…‡ ‹• ƒ ’—„Ž‹… –”—•–Ǥ  ‹• †‡•‹”‡
     to be of service to others was his dominant characteristic.
     Sol Hepner was, in essence, a humanitarian. Coming
     from a country that had always been hard on the Jewish
     people, he knew what it was to live in an autocracy. He
     knew the extent to which totalitarian and authoritarian
     governments treated ordinary people under such
     authority. He understood what liberty and freedom
     meant for the individual. He also knew that for people
     to be free and independent, there must be a complete
     separation between church and state. He served as an         ŽŵŵĞŵŽƌĂƟǀĞ ŵĂƌŬĞƌ ƉůĂĐĞĚ ϮϬϬϭ ďLJ ƚŚĞ :ĞǁŝƐŚ  ŵĞƌŝĐĂŶ
     elected State Representative from 1887 to 1899. From       ^ŽĐŝĞƚLJ  ĨŽƌ  ,ŝƐƚŽƌŝĐ  WƌĞƐĞƌǀĂƟŽŶ͕  ƐŚŽǁŝŶŐ  ƚŚĞ  ŽƌŝŐŝŶĂů  ďƵŝůĚŝŶŐ
                                                                ĚĞƐŝŐŶ ǁŝƚŚ ĚŽŵĞƐ ƚŚĂƚ ǁĞƌĞ ƌĞŵŽǀĞĚ ŝŶ ƚŚĞ ϭϵϯϬƐ ƌĞŵŽĚĞů ŽĨ ƚŚĞ
     1909 to 1910, he was the County Attorney and served        ďƵŝůĚŝŶŐ͘  ŽƵƌƚĞƐLJ ŽĨ tŝŬŝŵĞĚŝĂ  ŽŵŵŽŶƐ͗     zͲ^  ϯ͘Ž͕ dĞŵƉůĞ
     as Helena’s City Attorney from 1911 to 1912. In 1918,       ŵĂŶƵͲ > ŵĂƌŬĞƌ͘ũƉŐ͕  ƌĞĂƚĞĚ͗ ϮϬ :ƵůLJ ϮϬϭϮ͕  LJ͗DŽŶƚĂŶĂďǁ͘
     Hepner was appointed to the First World War District
     Exception Board No.1 by President Woodrow Wilson. He        Henry Lubin Frank.  Ǥ  Ǥ  ”ƒ ™ƒ• „‘” ‹  ”‘–‘ǡ
     temporarily left his private law practice to serve without   Ohio, July 5th, 1851. He received his education in public
     compensation as a member and later as Chairman of the      schools and apprenticed in a mercantile. After two years
     District Exemption Board of Montana.                       he made his way west to Colorado and New Mexico,
                                                                and in 1877 he settled in Butte, Montana. He was a
       ‡’‡” ™ƒ• ”ƒ‹•‡† ‹  ‘Ž†‡  —Ž‡  ‘†‰‡  ‘Ǥ ͙͝͡ ‹         prominent Jewish businessman and became the owner
     Ann Arbor, Michigan. He also became a member of the        ‘ˆ –Š‡  ‘‰  ƒ„‹  ƒŽ‘‘Ǥ  ‡ Žƒ–‡” ‡‰ƒ‰‡† ‹ –Š‡ ”‡–ƒ‹Ž
     Scottish Rite and Shrine. On his return to Helena, he      and wholesale liquor business. He later became the
     ƒƥŽ‹ƒ–‡† ™‹–Š  ‹‰  ‘Ž‘‘ǯ•  ‘†‰‡  ‘Ǥ ͡Ǥ  Š‘”–Ž› ƒˆ–‡”    founder of the Butte Water Company and the Silver Bow
     ƒƥŽ‹ƒ–‹‰ ™‹–Š  ‹‰  ‘Ž‘‘ǯ•  ‘†‰‡ǡ ƒ† Š‡ „‡…ƒ‡ ‹–•     Electric Company. He was the owner of the Southern
      ‘”•Š‹’ˆ—Ž  ƒ•–‡”Ǥ  – ͛͜ ›‡ƒ”• ‘ˆ ƒ‰‡ǡ Š‡ „‡…ƒ‡ –Š‡       Cross gold mine. He was a member of the Executive
      ”ƒ†  ƒ•–‡” ‘ˆ  ƒ•‘• ‹  ‘–ƒƒ ‹ ͙͘͜͡Ǥ  ‡ •‡”˜‡†       Board of the Montana School of Mines. Henry Frank
     …‘–‹—‘—•Ž› ‹ –Š‡  ”ƒ†  ‘†‰‡ ‘ƥ…‡” Ž‹‡ ˆ”‘ ͙͜͠͡       served two terms in the state legislature. He was mayor
     –‘ ͙͛͡͠Ǥ  ‡ ƒŽ•‘ •‡”˜‡† ƒ•  ”ƒ†  ‹•–‘”‹ƒǡ  ”ƒ–‡”ƒŽ      of Butte from 1885 until 1887. In 1886, he was chosen
     Correspondent, and Editor of the Montana Mason             –‘ „‡ ƒ  ”‡•‹†‡–‹ƒŽ  Ž‡…–‘”Ǥ   ͙͛͘͡ǡ Š‡ ™ƒ• ƒ‡† ƒ•
     ƒ‰ƒœ‹‡Ǥ  ‡ ƒŽ•‘ ƒƥŽ‹ƒ–‡† ™‹–Š –Š‡  …‘––‹•Š  ‹–‡ ƒ†      a Montana State Commissioner for the Pan American
      ‘”  ‹–‡Ǥ  ‡ ƒƥŽ‹ƒ–‡† ™‹–Š  Ž‰‡”‹ƒ  Š”‹‡  ‡’Ž‡ ƒ†       šŠ‹„‹–‹‘ ‹  —ơƒŽ‘ǡ  ‡™  ‘”Ǥ  ‡ ‹˜‡•–‡† ‹ ‹‡• ‹
     later served as Potentate. He served as Patron of the      Montana, Idaho, and Alberta, which added greatly to his
     Order of Eastern Star. He was a member of Helena Elks      wealth. He was the founder of the city of Frank, Alberta,
      ‘†‰‡   ‘Ǥ  ͙͛͡  ƒ†  –Š‡   ”†‡”  ‘ˆ   ††   ‡ŽŽ‘™•Ǥ          ƒƒ†ƒǤ  Ǥ  Ǥ  ”ƒ ™ƒ• ˆƒ‘—• ˆ‘” „‡‹‰ ‰‡‡”‘—• ƒ†
     Sol Hepner died in Helena, Montana, on February 28,        very entrepreneurial. He also co-founded the Canadian
     ͙͛͡͠Ǥ  ‡ ™ƒ• „—”‹‡† ƒ– –Š‡  ‘‡ ‘ˆ  ‡ƒ…‡  ‡‡–‡”› ‹       American Cole and Coke Company and developed some
     Helena, Montana.
                       7                                        of the earliest coal mines in Alberta.
                                                                  ‡ ”‡…‡‹˜‡† Š‹•  ƒ•‘‹… †‡‰”‡‡• ‹  ‹˜‹‰•–‘  ‘†‰‡
                                                                 ‘Ǥ ͚͛ǡ ™Š‡”‡ Š‡ ™ƒ• ”ƒ‹•‡† –‘ –Š‡ †‡‰”‡‡ ‘ˆ ƒ  ƒ•–‡”
                                                                Mason on February 19, 1874. He helped form Silver Bow
                                                                 ‘†‰‡  Ǥ  Ǥ ‹   —––‡ǡ  ‘–ƒƒǡ ƒ† •‡”˜‡† ƒ• –Š‡ Ƥ”•–
                                                                 ‘”•Š‹’ˆ—Ž  ƒ•–‡” ‘ˆ  ‹Ž˜‡”  ‘™  ‘†‰‡  ‘Ǥ ͜͠Ǥ  ‡–™‡‡
                                                                ͙͚͘͡ ƒ† ͙͘͜͡ǡ Š‡ ™ƒ• ”‡•’‡…–‹˜‡Ž›  —‹‘”  ”ƒ†  ƒ”†‡ǡ
                                                                 ‡‹‘”  ”ƒ†  ƒ”†‡ǡ ƒ†  ‡’—–›  ”ƒ†  ƒ•–‡”ǡ  ‹
                                                                ͙͘͡͝ Š‡ „‡…ƒ‡  ”ƒ†  ƒ•–‡” ‘ˆ  ‘–ƒƒǤ  ‡ ™ƒ• ƒŽ•‘
                                                                ƒ…–‹˜‡ ‹ –Š‡  …‘––‹•Š  ‹–‡ ƒ†  Š”‹‡Ǥ        ‡”›
                                                                 ”ƒ ’ƒ••‡† ƒ™ƒ› ƒ– –Š‡ ƒ‰‡ ‘ˆ Ƥˆ–›Ǧ•‡˜‡ ‘  —‰—•–
                                                                17, 1908, while in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was interred at
     ,ŽŵĞ ŽĨ WĞĂĐĞ  ĞŵĞƚĞƌLJ͕ ,ĞůĞŶĂ͕ DŽŶƚĂŶĂ͘ ŽƵƌƚĞƐLJ ŽĨ tŝŬŝŵĞĚŝĂ   the Walnut Hills United Jewish Cemetery in Evanston,
      ŽŵŵŽŶƐ͗     zͲ^  ϯ͘Ϭ͕&ŝůĞ͗ ,ŽŵĞ ŽĨ WĞĂĐĞ ,ĞůĞŶĂ ϰ͘ũƉŐ͕  ƌĞĂƚĞĚ͗   Ohio..
     Ϯϭ  ƵŐƵƐƚ ϮϬϭϮ͕ ďLJ͗DŽŶƚĂŶĂďǁ͘                                    8
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