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                       VOULME 85 NUMBER 3 SEPTEMBER 2012

        Grand Lodge has delegated certain enumerated powers to the Grand Master.
First, between annual communications the office of Grand Master only possesses
the executive powers, excluding the granting of charters. He must also immediately
investigate the violation of Masonic laws. Section 350. Second, specific powers
are listed in Section 1050 and specific duties are listed in Section 1060. Section 1050 B
states that he may remove any appointed grand officer. The implication is that Grand
Lodge, in either its judicial or elective functions, reserves to itself the power to remove
elected grand officers.

        The Grand Master is a member of the Executive Committee, which, among other
activities, examines the performance of Grand Lodge officers. Section 5030 A. 3. In
addition, the Grand Master, as a Master Mason of a lodge of the jurisdiction of
Montana, may prefer charges against any Mason residing in this jurisdiction. Section
46050. We have not conducted any complete, independent investigation of the facts
and concerns that led to this report and have no information that would suggest
unmasonic conduct to be the basis for the Grand Master's action. However, we are not
aware of any Masonic or criminal charges that are pending at the time of preparation of
this report.2


         The Grand Master does not have the authority to remove an elected grand
officer. Action purporting to accomplish that would be a nullity as being beyond the
powers or duties of the Grand Master.


         2 In the event any charges are preferred, a brother accused of a Masonic
offense is entitled to fair procedure before being penalized. Regarding Masonic trials,
see 46010 and following. In particular, before any penalties are assessed, there must
be specific charges (46070) given personally to the brother charged (47020). The
brother has the right to assistance of counsel (47050) and the presentation of
competent evidence against him (48030, 48040), the right of conviction or suspension
by at least 2/3 vote of the members (48080) (3/4 vote to expel), and the right to
a speedy trial (49050). There is also the right to appeal. (50010 and following).

It is no proof of a man's understanding to be able to affirm whatever he pleases: but to be able to discern
that what is true is true, and that what is false is false, this is the mark of character and intelligence.
- Swedenborg

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