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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue                    August 2013  Volume 88  Number 4

to the fraternity and if we don’t do this simple act of
friendship, our efforts as a fraternity will be lost. I
know in my heart that no one in this room wants that
to happen. Be the very best you can be and the best
will come to knock on our doors—we must not fail
in this effort! It seems to me that I have repeated the
theme of Masonic Education a lot, but I feel that this
is one of the most important challenges we face as a
fraternity, remember, those Masonically uninformed
will not knock on our doors.

   I am very thankful and honored to have been given     Ron Pulse, Gr. Bible Bearer -Nevada
the opportunity to attend and speak at this Rocky
Mountain Masonic Conference; I have always found
great information and greater Masonic Education
at all of the conferences I have had the pleasure to
attend. Please use the information and knowledge
I hope you have gained and will further gain here
to promote Masonic Education, wherever you may
travel as a Proud Freemason. Thank You!

             The seven Grand Masters from the member jurisdictions: L to R:
        Thom Chisholm-Montana; Clarence Vranish-Wyoming; William Childers-New Mexico;
        Allen Record-Utah; Dana Speaks-Colorado; Keith Brooks-Idaho and
        Mike Hoaglin-Nevada.

           The photo was taken just prior to when the Grand Masters linked arms and started to
        sing and dance.

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