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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue                     August 2013  Volume 88  Number 4

thoughts is; why didn’t either of my Grandfathers or      have everyone involved with, not only their ideas, but
Uncles mention anything at all about Freemasonry to       everyone’s ideas. There is no such thing as a dumb
any of their children or grandchildren? I have tried to   question, but the answers had better be intelligent and
answer that question many times and have come up          informative. We cannot afford to be unprepared for
with the conclusion that possibly their lack of Masonic   that inquiry. I urge each of you to get involved with
Education and communication skills may have been          a Masonic Education Program, if you don’t have a
the underlying reason. At an early age (10-11) I can      program, you sure need to create one.
remember my Grandfather would have me wash his
car and later that day he would dress up in coat and tie     The Grand Lodge Officers and Lodge Officers are
and go away for the evening. I also remember he had       not in this endeavor by themselves. This is going
a single tie bar that he always wore on those occasions   to take the efforts of all Masons, whither-so-ever
and on the back bumper of his car there was also the      dispersed. The eyes of the public are upon us. We
same emblem as the tie bar. Those two small items         must display the knowledge we have from years of
were the only outward sign that he was a Mason, to        labor in the quarries. The fruit of this program of
the unenlightened non-Mason. My grandfather was           Masonic Education will be the greatest gift we can
a businessman and well respected in the community,        give ourselves and for those seeking admission into
but maybe his lack of Masonic Education could have        our fraternity.
been the factor that didn’t allow him to encourage        	
members of his family or others in the community to
consider becoming part of the organization that I am         Educating the members that don’t attend Lodge
sure he was very proud to be a member of.                 is another of the greatest challenges we have. Just
                                                          think, if we could get 25% of those Brethren who
   The Lodge members are obligated to
teach, mentor & coach Freemasonry to                                     choose to sit at home to become part of
the best of their abilities. We are never                                the fraternity that they chose as part of
too old to learn and it’s just not Masonic                               their lives, I dare say the word regarding
to sit back and not learn. When one of                                   Freemasonry would have much better
your friends asks you why you belong                                     odds of becoming known to those who
to an old antiquated fraternity, you had                                 could become better Freemasons and
better have an answer. This may be your                                  to those who may inquire regarding
only chance to inform a non-Mason                                        becoming our Brothers.
about our fraternity and we sure don’t
want to miss any opportunity to speak                                        In order to put this into a few
to an inquiring mind.                                                    words, one of the main reasons we are
                                                                         losing members is the lack of good and
   Another integral part of Freemasonry is the            interesting Masonic Education. Our fraternity is not
relationship and education of our concordant bodies.      retaining the members we are getting into our Lodges.
I dare say that more than a few of our newest members     We are barely maintaining the number of members
have come to us through our concordant bodies. Our        to make up for our older members passing to that
Lodge recently held a Youth Information Evening,          Celestial Lodge. If we could stop the loss of members
which included dinner and a program in the Lodge          by demits and suspensions for NPD, our fraternity
room regarding the duties of each Lodge officer,          would certainly be growing instead of shrinking. This
emblems of the different stations and other displayed     may take an all out effort on the part of everyone in
items in the Lodge room. We didn’t quite know what        our fraternity. It may even take a door to door effort to
to expect, but we soon found out that our concordant      retain those members. Our communication skills will
bodies were very interested in the Lodge and how it       be tested in this effort. An E-mail is fine, a monthly
operates. Questions were asked regarding all aspects      trestle-board is fine, but, nothing beats the personal
of the Lodge and its operation, by our Jobies and         contact of a phone call or a person to person contact.
especially by their parents. The information session      As many of you know, there is nothing better than a
lasted for quite some time. This event involving our      visit when one is ill, supporting a family at the loss of
concordant bodies was an important first step in          a loved one or just keeping up with the welfare of a
learning and teaching for both entities.                  member that has been unable to attend for whatever
   Overall, the best program to make all of our              Brethren, I encourage you to educate yourself in
membership up to date on Masonic Education is to          any way that will make you a better Mason or make
                                                          one of your Brothers a better Mason—we owe this

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