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Montana Freemason   goRaMl aMnCdSwMpehacoisaoliIsnssiruceesEpdounAcsuaigbtuilosetn2f,0o1r3its  Volume 88  Number  4
      Its purpose,

                    Jim Hensley, WSGD & Bill Curtis Jr., WJGD - Idaho

Taking into inconsideration the Grand Lodge’s the way Freemasonry was trying to teach me to act
responsibility for Masonic Education, I believe their when about in the world. The tenets of Freemasonry
main functions are that of supporting the Lodge are certainly learned by association, presentation and
efforts through monthly articles, listed speakers for heartfelt dedication. Having the fraternity in your
Lodge programs, information through the District heart will allow you to express yourself to the newest
Deputy Grand Masters and the Grand Lodge Officers. Masons and will more than likely give them cause to
Using visitations by the Grand Lodge Officers and seek out and practice those tenets and hopefully lead
having a message to deliver to the Brethren is of the them to further Masonic Education. A little mouth
utmost importance. The other side of the coin is we, to ear education is worthy of all consideration—
as officers, need to spend time with the Lodges and remember, that used to be the only way.
listen to their perspective
on what is happening in the                                                                    In earlier days of
trenches of Freemasonry.                                                                       Freemasonry the work
The information gleaned by                                                                     was communicated by
these visitations may be a                                                                     mouth to ear. At that
great help is finding out what                                                                 point in time there were
the Lodges want and need as                                                                    Lodges located in many
far as an Education Program.                                                                   more towns than there is
As the Education Committee                                                                     today. Masonic Education
of Grand Lodge goes, so goes                                                                   was communicated each
the willing participation                                                                      and every day between
from the bottom up and                                                                         Masons and no one even
the top down, with mutual                                                                      thought or worried about
benefits for all.                                                                              communication, it was
                                                                                               part of their everyday life.
There are so many ways                                                                         Since that time the number
the Lodge can        deliver                                                   of Lodges has declined to
Masonic Education.  The first way  Jim Hensley, SGD & Bill Curtis, JGD  the point that communication is

is through ritual that is as good as possible. I think lacking because of the distance between the members.
most all candidates can tell when sincerity is expressed In the early days of Freemasonry the Masonic Lodge
in the obligations, lectures and charges given. was, most of the time, the center of community
Freemasonry must first come from the heart, I am activity. A lot of the early Lodges were built to house
sure each of you remember the first question you were not only the Lodge but also the town schoolhouse and
asked when you started through your proficiencies served as a meeting place for the town. I dare say that
(the old version); where were you first prepared to today most of the people living in our communities
be made a Mason? My Brethren, if we don’t have it don’t even know what a Masonic Lodge is or where
in our hearts, it will never come out in our delivery it is located. That is where Masonic Education is
of the ritual. Secondly, through a monthly bulletin lacking and we must see to it that it changes. We
with lots of information regarding not only the Lodge, must advertise who we are, where we are and what we
but short items of interest and stories regarding our are striving to accomplish as a fraternal organization.
history and how we have arrived where we are today. We must expose or advertise what Freemasons do, to
A Lodge Education program at the end of each Stated whom we do it for and why we are doing the things
Meeting is a very beneficial program. Not only does we do. We simply must communicate to the public or
it provide information, it gives the Officers and values, our charity work and get our Masonic Train
members a chance to hone their speaking skills, it also moving down the track, if we don’t do this, we will
helps with their self confidence and increases their become an idle fraternity and slowly sink into the
Masonic knowledge. I believe your actions certainly background of humanity.
speak louder than your words. I recall when I was 	
sitting in my first station in the line I paid particular I have sat at my computer, thought and tried to
attention to the actions of those working on the floor. answer a lot of these questions in my mind, I have
Not only did this give me an idea on how to present retraced my journey in time to and into the fraternity.
my Masonic work, it taught me much more about One of the items that keeps coming back in my

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