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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue                     August 2013  Volume 88  Number 4

5. The Law of E.F. Hutton. Hutton was America’s most      13. The Law of Reproduction. It takes a leader to
influential stock market analyst. When he spoke,          raise up a leader. Followers can’t do it, and neither
everyone listened. When real leaders speak, people        can institutional programs “It takes one to know
automatically listen. Conversely, in any group or         one, to show one, to grow one.” The potential of an
church, you can identify the real leaders by looking      organization depends on the growth of its leadership.
for those who people listen to. According to Margaret     14. The Law of Buy-In. People buy in to the leader
Thatcher, “being in power is like being a lady – if       first, then the vision. If they don’t like the leader but
you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Tips for    like the vision, they get a new leader. If they don’t like
a Positional leader – like a newly appointed minister     the leader or the vision, they get a new leader. If they
– who wants to become a REAL leader… look for             don’t like the vision but like the leader, they get a new
the existing real leaders and work to have influence      vision.
there. Factors involved in being accepted as a new real   15. The Law of Victory. Leaders find a way for the team
leader include character, building key relationships,     to win. “You can’t win WITHOUT good athletes, but
information, intuition, experience, past success. and     you CAN lose with them.” Unity of vision, diversity of
6. The Law of Solid Ground. Trust is the                                 skills plus a leader are needed for a win.
foundation for all effective leadership.                                 16. The Law of Momentum. You can’t
When it comes to leadership, there are                                   steer a ship that isn’t moving forward. It
no shortcuts. Building trust requires                                    takes a leader to create forward motion.
competence, connection and character.

7. The Law of Respect. People naturally                                  17. The Law of Priorities. Activity is not
follow people stronger than themselves.                                  necessarily accomplishment. We need
Even natural leaders tend to fall in behind                              to learn the difference. “A leader is the
those who they sense have a higher                                       one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys
“leadership quotient” than themselves.                                   the entire situation, and yells “Wrong
8. The Law of Intuition. Leaders evaluate everything      Jungle!”” If you are a leader, you must learn the three
with a Leadership bias. Leaders see trends, resources     “Rs”... a) what’s Required b) what gives the greatest
and problems, and can read people.                        Return c) what brings the greatest Reward.
9. The Law of Magnetism. Leaders attract people           18. The Law of Sacrifice. A leader must give up to go
like themselves. Who you are is who you attract.          up. Successful leaders must maintain an attitude of
(Mmmm… I thought like poles were meant to repel!)         sacrifice to turn around an organization. One sacrifice
Handy hint: “Staff ” your weaknesses. If you only         seldom brings success. As he worked to turn around
attract followers, your organization will be weak.        the Chrysler Corporation, Lee Iacocca slashed his
Work to attract leaders rather than followers if you      own salary to $1 per year. “When you become a leader,
want to build a truly strong organization.                you lose the right to think about yourself.”
10. The Law of Connection. You must touch the heart       19. The Law of Timing. When to lead is as important
before you ask people to follow. Communicate on the       as what to do and where to go. Only the right action
level of emotion first to make a personal connection.     at the right time will bring success.
11. The Law of the Inner Circle. A leader’s potential is  20. The Law of Explosive Growth. To add growth,
determined by those closest to him. “The leader finds     lead followers. To multiply growth, lead leaders. “It is
greatness in the group, and helps the members find it     my job to build the people who are going to build the
in themselves.”                                           company.”
12. The Law of Empowerment. Only secure leaders           21. The Law of Legacy. A leader’s lasting value is
give power to others. Mark Twain said, “Great things      measured by succession. “Leadership is the one thing
can happen when you don’t care who gets the credit.”      you can’t delegate. You either exercise it – or abdicate
Another point to ponder… “Great leaders gain              it.”
authority by giving it away.”

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