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What is the ideal relationship between the local lodge and Grand Lodge?

         Robert Elsloo, SGD & Vernon Turner, JGD, Colorado

                                                                           Officers elecBteudsiannedssapopfothineteLdofcoarlmLothdegiensfrastructure
                                                                           responsible for:

                                                                           Creating the opportunity to “Make Good Men Better”
                                                                           Practice and execute good floor and ritual work?
                                                                           Masonic education?
                                                                           Community relations?
                                                                           Fraternal relations?
                                                                           Records, correspondence, training, support,
                                                                           communication and leadership?

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            Robert Elsoll, SGD & Vernon Turner, JGD                        1. The Law of the lid. Your leadership is like a lid or a
                                                                           ceiling on your organization. Your church or business
This section is best understood as it was presented                        will not rise beyond the level your leadership allows.
by viewing the following link on the internet                              That’s why when a corporation or team needs to be                                 fixed, they fire the leader.
                                                                           2. The Law of Influence. Leadership is simply about
                                                                           influencing people. Nothing more, nothing less. The
                                                                           true test of a leader is to ask him to create positive
                                                                           change in an organization. If you cannot create
                                                                           change, you cannot lead. Being a leader is not about
                                                                           being first, or being an entrepreneur, or being the most
                                                                           knowledgeable, or being a manager. Being a leader is
                                                                           not just holding a leadership position. (“It’s not the
                                                                           position that makes a leader, but the leader who makes
                                                                           a position.”) Positional leadership especially does not
                                                                           work in volunteer organizations. The very essence of
                                                                           all power to influence lies in getting the other person
                                                                           to participate. “He who thinks he leads, but has no
                                                                           followers, is only taking a walk.”

Officers elecBteudsiannedssapopf othineteGdrfaonrdmLthoedginefrastructure  3. The Law of Process. Leadership is learned over
responsible for:                                                           time. And it can be learned. People skills, emotional
                                                                           strength, vision, momentum, and timing are all areas
         Jurisprudence and Masonic Law?                                    that can and should be learned. Leaders are always
         Fraternal Relations?                                              learners.
         Records?                                                          4. The Law of Navigation. Anyone can steer the
         Correspondence?                                                   ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course. Vision
         Training?                                                         is defined as the ability to see the whole trip before
         Support?                                                          leaving the dock. A leader will also see obstacles
         Communication?                                                    before others do. A leader sees more, sees farther, and
         Leadership?                                                       sees before others. A navigator (leader) listens – he
                                                                           finds out about grassroots level reactions. Navigators
                                                                           balance optimism with realism. Preparation is the key
                                                                           to good navigation. “It’s not the size of the project, it’s
                                                                           the size of the leader that counts.”

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