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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue  August 2013           Volume 88  Number 4

                   Thom Chisholm
                     Grand Master

                   Table of Contents

Message from Grand Master 								4

Grand Lodge of Idaho - Lodge Education: Who is responsible?
What is Grand Lodge’s role? What is the Local Lodge’s role?  			                     6

Grand Lodge of Utah - Should Grand Jurisdictions implement standards of              10
conduct and protocols for the Internet, Facebook, and other forms of social media?	

Grand Lodge of New Mexico - What should be the standard for a candidate
for the degrees of Masonry?									15

Grand Lodge of Montana - Grand Lodge Officers inter-jurisdictional visitation,
benefit or detriment?										16

Grand Lodge of Arizona - Vetting of potential Grand Lodge Officers:                  20
What is being done, what can be done, is enough being done?				

Grand Lodge of Nevada - Express the role of Masonic Education in leadership.	        24

List of Conference attendees									25

Grand Lodge of Colorado - What is the ideal relationship between the local
Lodge and Grand Lodge?										30

Grand Lodge of Wyoming - Should local Lodges and Grand Lodge stress the              36	
promotion of the lodge in the community or should the emphasis be on expanding,
building, and promoting the local lodge internally?						

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