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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue                                  August 2013  Volume 88  Number 4

•	 Motivation and Delegation		                                            After reviewing all of the evaluations we received,
•	 Officers Orientation and Training Course		                          the 2014 NMLC Conferences will be slightly altered to
•	 Past Masters -Turning a Potential Negative into a                   meet the needs of our members.
                                                                       1. We are increasing each of the 4 Table Lodge Sessions
   Definite Positive	
•	 Planning Your Term as Master		                                        from 60 to 90 minutes. We also combined some of
•	 Proficiency in Lodge Management		                                     the topics and questions from each session to allow
•	 Protocol and Etiquette                                                more time for discussion.
•	 Public Relations – Visibility in Our Communities		                  2. The Meet your Counterpart Workshops are being
                                                                         increased from 2 hours to 2 ½ hours allowing
   Ritual		                                                              more time to complete their presentations and
•	 Sustaining Our Effectiveness	                                         discussions.
•	 The Skills of Being a Brother, and                                  3. We are adding a Workshop for the Masters. Many
•	 Three Tenants and Four Cardinal Virtues                             of the current Masters requested a session to discuss
•	 The Workbook also included all of the handouts,                     issues, share ideas and possibly plan multiple Lodge
                                                                       events. They also requested information on how they
   power point and reference materials.                                can continue to assist their Lodges after the
                                                                          completion of their term.
   With N2M01L3CbCeihnagngoeusranfidrsItmmpruolvtiedmayenltesadership  4. We will present one or two of our Topics
conference we again asked each attendee to fill                           Presentations in video form. This will allow us to
out questionnaires. What we learned is that we                            present a specific topic in less time, allowing more
accomplished our task:                                                    time for participation and discussion.
 1. The Attendees overwhelming approved of the new
                                                                          This has been a brief overview of the “Nevada
   format and structure.                                               Masonic Leadership Conference”. I think almost
 2. In 2012 we held a one day seminar in Reno and Las                  every question about the actual NMLC is answered
                                                                       in the video presentation. What was not covered is
   Vegas totaling 106 attendees at no cost to them. In                 in regards to management from the Grand Lodge
   2013, we went to a multi-day conference and                         level. With the increased number of attendees we
   charged a fee of $35 and the attendance increased                   are expecting for 2014, we will need to more people
   to 210.                                                             involved.
 3. We also learned that the Table Lodges and                           1. Some of our Table Lodge Moderators were
   workshops were a huge success. The discussion
   groups were the highlight of the conference and a                      overbearing and controlled the discussions and
   large majority of the attendees wanted to spend                       not allowing the attendees to discuss their thoughts,
   more time in discussion groups. They thoroughly                        concerns and suggested solutions. Some were
   enjoyed the interaction with their brothers                            continuously interjecting their opinions and past
   and counter parts and realized everyone was                            experiences. (It became it is all about me)
   encountering the same issues and concerns. They                      2. Some of the topic presenters were not well prepared
   also liked the sharing of ideas and programs.                         and simply read the presentation. (the attendees
   With the first of the 2 conferences being held in                     did not like being reads to) There was not enough
Las Vegas we learned a great deal and made minor                          time allowed for discussion and questions.
changes to the conference held in Reno.                                 3. The workshops were very good, but some the
 1. With all of the information from 2012 and 2013                        presentations were not focused on developing
   Conferences being included on a flash drive, we                        leadership skills.
   discovered we could cut the cost of printing by
   reducing the information in the workbook to the                        We need to be better organized and hold training
   actual materials being presented.                                   classes for those working the NMLC. We also need
2. We increased the number of Table Lodge Groups                       two separate chairmen (1-Las Vegas and 1- Reno)
   and by doing so; it decreased the number of                         These two individuals must be responsible with all
   attendees assigned to each Table Lodge to 10 or
   12. This allowed better discussions and gave each                              aspects of their respected Conferences and
   attendee ample time to provide input and                                       need to assemble their own teams. It is
   the group to find solutions.                                                   up to Grand Lodge to make the NMLC as
 3. We added a 5th Session to the Table                                           professional as possible.
  Lodges. This session combined all Table
  Lodge groups and allowed them to share
  information discussed during their
  individual sessions.

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