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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue                   August 2013   Volume 88           Number 4

The Table Lodge then began Brainstorming – The Junior Warden Workshop showed them
“What’s in a Name?” Each group was tasked to name ways to develop their administrative skills and
their Table Lodge. The final task of this session was begin the planning process for their year as Master.
titled “It’s all about me! Each attendee explained what They received information on what to look for
they wanted out of the Conference and discussed their when observing current Officers and members for
expectations and specific items they hoped to learn. appointments during their term as Master. They
                                                        also learned how to develop Masonic Leadership and
Session 2 began with “You can talk to me. Mentoring Programs for their Lodge and Members.
Improving Communication?” This session deals
with issues facing their Lodge when it comes to The Senior Warden Workshop provided
“communications” and explored ways to                   information on how to improve their
find solutions, what was being done to                  leadership skills and reviewed the process
improve communications and areas that still             for successful event planning. They
need improvement. They discussed issues                 discussed in detail the appointment process
facing their Lodge regarding “Leadership”;              for Lodge Officers and Committees, Lodge
their current Lodge leaders; and what                   finances and budgeting and reviewed the
styles, methods and actions that needed to              required Grand Lodge submission forms.
take place to improve the management of                 	
their Lodge?                                                     Separate Workshops for the Lodge
                                                        Treasurers, Secretaries and Trustees
Session 3 began with the topic of “A Well-              provided in depth study of their duties and
Rounded and Balanced Program – What Mike Hoagland, GM responsibilities and they learned how to
Does it Mean?” They discussed issues facing their improve their administrative skills, discuss budgeting
Lodge when it comes to a “Well Balanced Program”. and review the required Grand Lodge submission
They shared ideas about different activities, events, forms. They discussed ways to reduce F.T.A.s, N.P.D.s
visitations, programs, family involvement, youth and Withdrawals.
groups, fundraising and other doings of the Lodge. The
next topic was, “It’s getting better all the time!” They 8-Topics will be presented during the 2013
discussed issues facing their Lodge. What concerned Conference. These were the 8 most requested topics
them about their Lodge? What needs to happen to from the 2012 seminar:
make their Lodge better? What is successful in their •	 Grand Lecturer Training Session
Lodge and makes them proud to be a Mason? What •	 Grand Lodge Structure and Operations
were they frustrated with and needed help on? The •	 Improving Communication between Grand Lodge
discussion was all about making their Lodge better!     and the Constituent Lodges
                                                        •	 Meet Your Grand Lodge Officers – Questions and
Session 4 was “Evaluation time!” Each Attendee          Answers
completed an Evaluation and provided quality •	 Mentoring
feedback about the Conference and suggested •	 Proper Investigations of Petitioners for the Degrees
changes to improve it. They were provided with a •	 Proper use of Masonic Code and Procedures to Make
“Take Home Task Sheet”. This form allowed them to       Changes
record what they felt was important information to •	 Proper use of the Red Book (A System of Lodge
share with their Lodge and Members. All attendees       Instruction)
attended workshops pertaining to their current Lodge The provided Workbook and Flash Drive included
Office or as Master Masons. These workshops were all of the previous mentioned information, plus, 20
titled: “Meeting Your Counterparts.” The following additional Topics. These topics were developed to
is a brief overview: The Master Masons Workshop assist the officers to be more proficient and aid in
provides information on the skills of being a Brother, leadership development. The selected topics were:
mentoring, protocol, Masonic charity programs, •	 Communications within the Lodge		
community involvement and providing time to •	 Conflict and Problem Solving		
discuss issues and share information about their •	 Decision Making	
Lodges.                                                 •	 Event Planning		
                                                        •	 Grand Lodge Masonic Charities
The Deacon’s Workshop provided in depth study of •	 Installation Planning	
their duties and responsibilities and they learned how •	 Lodge Business Practices	
to prepare themselves for advancement and begin the •	 Masonic Youth		
planning process for their year as Master.              •	 Membership and Retention	

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