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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue                      August 2013  Volume 88  Number 4

the “Greatest Generation”, born between 1901 and              On, “What kind of training & instruction would
1924 and the “Silent Generation”, born between 1925        be most beneficial?” The responses were: Improve
and 1945. The middle age members are the “Baby             communication between Grand Lodge and the
Boomers”, born between 1946 and 1964.                      Constituent Lodges; make Grand Lodge Officers
                                                           more available to assist and work with the Constituent
   The younger members are “Generation X”, born            Lodges; how to best utilize our websites, and Internet;
between 1965 and 1981 and “Generation Y”, born             proper use of the Masonic Code and Ritual and
between 1982 and 2000 and these 2 generations              Standard work; proper investigations, monitoring,
grew up with technology and rely on it to perform          leadership skills; and protocol.
their jobs. They are plugged-in 24/7 and prefer to
communicate through e-mail and text messaging and             On, “If the Grand Lodge of Nevada offered a
prefer webinars and online technology to traditional       multiple Day Officers Leadership Training Seminar,
lecture-based presentations.                               would your Lodge support the program by requiring
                                                           their Principal Officers to attend?” (100%) were in
   Are we prepared to receive the next generation into     favor.
our Fraternity? They are called “Generation Z”. They
began in 2001 and will be eligible for membership             On, “If the Seminar would become a 2 or 2 ½ day
beginning in 2019, a generation born with complete         program, which option would you support?” (87%)
technology, personal computers, mobile phones,             agreed to support a 2 day program and (81%) agreed
game devices, I Pads and the omnipresent Internet.         to support a 2 ½ day program.
They do not know life without technology and social
media platforms are their way to communicate.                 On, “Would you prefer the Training Seminar
They have virtual friends and prefer to communicate        located at,” (62%) wanted one seminar in Reno and
through electronic devices.                                one in Las Vegas, (28%) wanted seminars held in
                                                           north, central and southern Nevada and only (10%)
   With the definitions of the “X, Y, and Z Generations”,  wanted the seminar held at one location.
we wonder why our membership is declining and
why our percentage of membership retention and                After evaluating the information from the
attendance is low. We then asked these questions,          questionnaires and considering the information
what do we do to combat these trends in our society?       provided from past seminars, Grand Lodge of Nevada
What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong?          redesigned their leadership development program.
What do we do to CHANGE with the times?                    The new format was renamed “The Nevada Masonic
                                                           Leadership Conference”.
   Even though we are starting to implement the
new technology, we are still relying on the old               In 2013 we expanded our seminar to 2½ days, with
communication methods of providing information             2 seminars scheduled, with one in Reno and one in
and knowledge to our Brothers and promoting our            Las Vegas and was open to all Officers of Constituent
Fraternity. One of the main focuses of the Grand           Lodges and Master Masons. A 430 page Instruction
Lodge of Nevada is to improve our methods of               Workbook and flash drive was developed, containing
providing information and knowledge. A consensus           all of the information from the 2012 and 2013 seminars
of our members through questionnaires during the           was provided to each registered attendee. The
past three years tells us that we are not meeting their    Conference included 4 different Table Lodge Sessions:
needs and we need to redesign our current programs         Each attendee was randomly assigned to a Table
and provide superior information and guidance.             Lodge. The purpose of the Table Lodges was to take
                                                           a group of Brothers and allow them to bond, discuss
   During the 2012 educational seminars in Las Vegas       problems and concerns, collectively find solutions
and Reno and we had a total of 106 attendees, totaling     and develop counterpart support. The following is an
609 years of Masonic experience. At these 2 Seminars       outline of those Table Lodge sessions:
we asked the attendees to fill out questionnaires. The
following is a summation of the findings.                     Session 1 began with “Who’s Who! Who are you?”
                                                           Members of the Table Lodges introduced themselves
   On, “How can we improve the Seminars?”                  and through discussions, questions and answers
They wanted more time allotted for questions               began a bonding process. Each Table Lodge Group
and discussion; implement more video and power             elected a Table Master and Secretary. The Table
point, improve the instructional methods, make             Master became the moderator. The Table Secretary
presentations more stimulating and increase the            was the record keeper tasked to write down questions
content covered in the seminar.                            needing answers, ideas, concerns and solutionsP. age 25
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