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Express the role of Masonic Education in leadership

                                                 John Buffington, RWDGM-Nevada

lLeeaadd. erTsohisph:owThtheecawpaaycittoy;  or  ability  to  Nevada Masonic Leadership Conference
                                             to  guide    or  program was developed through that
direct; to guide the action or opinion of.                    vision and leadership.

kEndouwcaletdiogne:;  To provide with training or                The intent was to impart information
                      to stimulate or develop the             and direct the process for education
mental or moral growth of.                                    within the State. Materials from the
                                                              conference are made available to those
One of the most critical and difficult                        attending, with the direction to use
challenges we face as Masonic leaders,                        topics as educational materials during
is helping and directing the creation of                      stated meetings and other events as well
a group of Masons who are informed, John Buffington, DGM as in trestleboards, to share with more of
motivated, and proud of what we are and what we our Brothers. We have long range commitments from
do. Many of our members don’t realize the power of at least the next 5 years of our Grand Line Officers to
the lessons they are taught, or the organization they continue this program and develop it further.
joined. It’s up to us, as their leadership, to teach, train,
mentor, guide, coach, and otherwise help all of our As we learn from past experiences, we will
members so they can appreciate Masonry personally, continue to enhance the materials to provide Masonic
and become good representatives our fraternity to information, and help Masonic leaders in developing
the rest of the world. Only through this educational their own programs to get this information out to
process can we help those less informed members all members. This is a vehicle we have chosen to
become real Masons. It has been said “knowledge begin that journey to the land of EDUCATED, well
is power,” and that cannot be more appropriate than informed, knowledgeable, motivated and proud
within our Lodges.                                            brothers in the State of Nevada.

   The question arises: “Whose responsibility is it”?            I would like to take a few minutes to share with
The Grand Lodge, local Lodges, Lodge officers, or             you, information about our redesigned Officer’s
the members? The answer is a resounding “YES !!!”             Leadership Training and Instructional Seminar
Education is everyone’s responsibility.                       developed by the Grand Lodge of Nevada. It is titled
                                                              the “Nevada Masonic Leadership Conference”. Part of
   As Masonic leaders, we can’t leave this process to         our presentation will be presented in video form. This
chance. We can assign the responsibility to our local         video is a brief overview of its design and is also an
Lodges We can wait for Grand Lodge to provide a               example of the direction we are developing our topic
program, or we can simply start. Another saying that          presentations for future conferences.
is appropriate: “If it is to be, it is up to me !!!” We each
need to do something to help another Brother in their            Video Presentation	
Masonic Education, and in the process will likely                In 2011, Grand Lodge of Nevada took on the task of
learn something about Masonry that we didn’t know             finding ways to improve their leadership development
before. The leaders within our Fraternity must take           programs and how they were presented. To accomplish
the responsibility to create educational materials that       this, we had to look at our existing programs, different
are accurate and easy to understand. Creating a plan          technologies for presenting them, and which formats
to get those materials, information, and programs into        would be most conducive to our members. After
the hands of our members, AND TAKE ACTION.                    numerous discussions, we determined we had several
	                                                             different types of personalities and different ways
                                                              in which to present the leadership development
   Within the Grand Jurisdiction of Nevada, we                programs. What we learned was that every type of
have struggled with Education and programs for                technology and instructional format was met with
years. Some, well intentioned programs, failed to             some type of opposition. The first question asked,
gain attraction in successive years in order to make          “Why is change so difficult to accomplish in our
the desired impact. With the vision of MW. Mike               Fraternity and what is the reasoning for it?” Research
Hoaglin, and RW Dan Newman, our SGW, we have                  found that our current membership is composed or
begun a quest for Masonic Education, for not only             5 generations and each generation have a distinctive
the Lodge officers, but all Masons in our jurisdiction.       personality and comfort zones regarding today’s
The                                                           technologies. The older members are composed of

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