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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue                    August 2013  Volume 88  Number 4

   What are the duties of the CEO, and what are his                           Summary
responsibilities? Generally his primary duty is to
promote the financial welfare of the jurisdiction. He       The duties and responsibilities of the office
needs to:                                                determine the qualifications to be appointed a Grand
                                                         Lodge officer. Testing a man to learn how well he
     •	 Establish a legitimate budget;                   meets those qualifications is critical to ensuring
     •	 Be responsible for maintaining the budget;       quality leadership for our Grand Lodges. Isn’t it an
     •	 Act as the personnel manager;                    application of applying the level and the square?
     •	 Monitor the investment policies of the
                                                            Consider and develop a program for how you are
         jurisdiction;                                   going to institute the vetting process of their Grand
     •	 Review the fiscal operating policies and keep    Lodge officers.

         them in line for audit purposes;                   Remember no matter what State we come from,
     •	 Make decisions when the Masonic Code             when we appoint a Grand Lodge Officer, we are making
                                                         a statement to the Craft, this is our recommendation
         is violated; and                                for your future Grand Master. Thereby placing your
     •	 While he is the “undisputed authority”, he       integrity and judgment under the scrutiny of the
         must be able to establish a rapport and
         seek the counsel of those who have                 The man who will make the best Grand Master is
         the professional experience.                    the one who knows, and will never forget, that the
   Fiscal responsibility should rest with the Grand      most important apron he will ever wear is the one
Master and Grand Trustees directing a Finance            given to him as an Entered Apprentice Mason.
Committee, an investment Committee, and a General
Policy Committee. Hopefully the fiscal responsibilities
of every Grand Lodge are not vested solely with either
the Grand Treasurer or the Grand Secretary.

Now, what are the qualifications to be the CEO?
He needs to be:

  •	 A leader;
  •	 A decision maker;
  •	 An innovator;
  •	 Able to create an effective organization;
  •	 A great communicator;
  •	 A delegator;
  •	 An organizer;
  •	 Impeccable in his word and ethics;
  •	 Doesn’t make assumptions;
  •	 Must be able to develop relationships with

     those within the jurisdiction,
     both professionally and personally, who can
     advise him (such as the Grand Secretary
     and the Grand Treasurer);
  •	 Have the ability to develop advisors who can
     monitor the investment policies of the
  •	 Have sufficient financial knowledge to
     read a profit and loss statement, balance
     sheet,and understand business practices
     and law;
   •	 Able to follow- up and maintain control of all
     aspects of the financial welfare of the Grand

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