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Montana Freemason RVMeMttCinSpgecGiarl aIsnsude LodAgugeuOst 2f0f1ic3ers Volume 88 Number 4

                              Jeff Carlton, PGM, Arizona

What is vetting?                                                                   The Ceremonial job is uniform
                                                                                across all jurisdictional boundaries. The
Vetting is the process of investigating                                         only variances are the administrative
(someone) thoroughly, especially in                                             or judicial powers with which he may
order to ensure that they are suitable                                          be invested by the Masonic code of his
for a job requiring secrecy, loyalty or                                         particular jurisdiction while the Grand
trustworthiness.                                                                Lodge is in recess. All of the actions
                                                                                taken while utilizing those powers are
Why is it important?                                                            subject to affirmation or rejection when
                                                                                the next Grand Lodge is convened by a
As Masons, we continue to trust each                                            vote of the Grand Lodge members.
other, when we should be testing. We
need to take a long look at who we are              Jeff Carlton, PGM           The CEO’s job varies considerably

appointing and tendering to the Craft as appointees across jurisdictions, depending on the Masonic Code
for their consideration as the future head of Masonry of a jurisdiction and the powers vested therein to the
in our states. We have people who are dropping Grand Master.
out of the line, who are not elected, and who are
eventually removed from the line because they are not Let’s look at the qualifications to be the ceremonial
qualified. They fail to meet our expectations, or we head of the organization. Some of the minimum
have failed to make them understand that which they qualifications which a man must possess and which
are undertaking. Is this not a disservice to both the he should be evaluated on follow. He must:
individual and to the ultimate welfare of Masonry? If
we do a better job of examining the qualifications and     •	 Have impeccable integrity;
intent of those who are being appointed, we may avoid      •	 Live and believe in the principles and
disruption, and improve the leadership of Masonry.                     tenet taught within the Masonic
When speaking of “Grand Lodge Officers” in                 •	 Have a genuine interest in the Craft, and
this presentation, I am specifically referring to those                a great desire to improve and promote
officers who are appointed to the Grand Line and will                  Masonry within the jurisdiction as his
eventually be elected Grand Master. Much of this can                   primary goal;
also be applied to appointed one-year Grand Lodge          •	 Recognize that as a Grand Lodge officer
officers, but the degree and depth of investigation                    that his first responsibility is to the Craft;
does not need to be so intense. In selecting progressive   •	 Be responsive to the Craft;
line officers, some jurisdictions have a very short line,  •	 Be affable;
while others are quite long. My experience has shown       •	 Be prudent;
me that some progressive lines are as short as four        •	 Be patient;
years, while others are as long as 11 to 13 years.         •	 Have demonstrated leadership;
                                                           •	 Be able to build relationships with the
Before we can investigate someone’s qualifications,                    members of the Craft and his peers in
we must know what we are looking for. We have                          adjacent jurisdictions;
to address what we expect Grand Lodge officers to          •	 Must be able to develop new and
come to the table with, in terms of qualifications and                 improve Masonic Education programs;
characteristics. We want to mature those talents,          •	 Must realize that it is a 24-hour-a-day,
and make him aware of and develop those additional                     7-day-a-week job;
skills he’ll need during his tenure in the progressive     •	 Be dedicated to traveling throughout
line and as an effective leader as Grand Master of a                   the state and to neighboring jurisdictions;
jurisdiction.                                              •	 Have the support of his spouse (partner)
                                                                       and family;
               The Grand Master’s Job                      •	 Have the financial resources to fulfill
                                                              the responsibilities of the office ($3,000
The Grand Master’s Job is two-fold: the Ceremonial                     to $5,000 per year);
head of the organization, and that of the CEO of the       •	 Understand that quality, not quantity,
business of the Grand Lodge.                                           of members is paramount; and
                                                           •	 Be ego-free.
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