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Montana Freemason  RMMC Special Issue  August 2013  Volume 88  Number 4

   Brothers, I bring you this story for several reasons. There are no guarantees in life, with the exception of
While it is evident that attending Grand Lodge one: ‘If you do nothing, nothing will happen.’
sessions in other jurisdictions yields valuable insights
regarding how our jurisdictions are different or Remember, every accomplishment starts with the
similar, and powerful lessons relative to the dos and decision to try.
don’ts of good government; with an open mind and
heart, visitations can, in turn, foster meaningful,
lifelong friendships, and bestow upon the fortunate
participants, exercises in true brotherly love. They
can also engage us in the unintended consequences
of very real revelations that inspire, encourage, and
above all, give us HOPE.

   This success story is one of the glimmering gems
of my limited travels. Obviously, this scenario is quite
unique and not applicable to every Lodge’s situation.
Nevertheless, these remarkable chronicles are an
integral part of the message I now carry to the lodges
in my jurisdiction. We need change. We can grow.
We can rise up out of the ashes of our own disparity.
There is hope, Brothers. Always HOPE.

   I can, with great conviction, testify that I for one,
as a result of my inter-jurisdictional travel, am a better
man, a better Mason, and most importantly, a more
insightful and prepared leader; invested with a clearer
vision for the future of our beloved institution, and
the actions and attitudes necessary to carry it forward
and leave it better off than as found. Brothers, there
are no foreign lands; it is the traveler only who is
foreign. And, in Freemasonry, there are no foreigners,
only Brothers we have yet to meet.

  Postscript: Last November, my son’s birthday was
the day after Thanksgiving and Jennifer and I drove
out to Portland to celebrate both occasions. A large
Holiday banquet of 6 roasted turkeys and all the
fixings was held for all members, their friends and
family. While we were there, I asked for a petition for
affiliation. I’m pleased to announce that I am now a
proud member of Friendship Lodge #160 in “No Po”.

   THE POINT: We all know that a Lodge is much
more than ‘bricks and mortar’, but ask yourself, is your
Lodge presentable to the public? Take a good, hard,
honest and objective look. Paint peeling? Stained
or worn carpet? Dead flies in dated, light fixtures?
What’s broken? What can be fixed? You’ll be amazed
what a fresh coat of paint can accomplish. If money
is a deterring factor, start there. Fundraise. “Eat your
elephant one bite at a time.”

   When our Lodges physically reflect the glories
contained therein, we are empowered with pride of
ownership, unity, and the confidence necessary to
sPuacgece1e8d and excel.
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