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Grand Lodge Officers inter-jurisdictional visitations, benefit or detriment?

Brian Murphy, RWSGW & Lewis Smith, RWJGW- Montana

                     Francis P. Yockey once               another jurisdiction’s Grand Lodge session as the sole
                   said, “Pessimism only                  representative of the Grand Master of Montana. This
                   describes an attitude, and             would be my maiden voyage. Coincidentally, it just
                   not facts, and hence is                so happened that on June 1, 2012, both our children,
                   entirely subjective.”                  Patrick (21) and Kate (20) had pulled out of our
                                                          yard with a U-Haul to begin a new chapter of their
                   Brothers, and so it is                 lives in Portland. Jennifer and I, congruent to our
                   with this topic. Based on              aforementioned commitment, followed them out on
                   each Grand Lodge Officer’s             the 4th of June. We arrived at Seaside, an enchanting,
                   own history of travel and              little resort town on the coast.
                   interaction, one can only
                   relate and reflect on their               During a break after their opening ceremony I
                     own personal experiences             happened to meet a Brother named Richard Chase
Brian Murphy, SGW  to arrive at any reasonable            who has a Doctorate in Psychology, and happens to be
                                                          one of the leading hypnotherapists in the Northwest.
verdict. Therefore, I offer to you what I consider        It’s more than interesting to note that one of his fortes
an extraordinary story, of a very personal nature,        is treating returning Gulf War veterans suffering from
prompting you to reach your own conclusions.              PTSD. If he can catch them before the VA pumps them
                                                          full of psychotropic drugs, he can usually cure them in
   One year and 45 days ago, if asked for my opinion      one session. For some reason Richard felt compelled
on the subject at hand, I would have given you an         to invite me to an afterhours gathering being held at a
entirely different response than the one I possess        beach house some members of his Lodge had rented
today. Throughout my tenure as a Grand Lodge              for the weekend. I eagerly accepted his invitation -for
line officer I had often harbored serious doubts          two consecutive evenings. There I met some 40 new
regarding the benefit of Grand Lodge Officer’s            friends and Brothers that were curiously different
visitations to other jurisdictions. It was my stance      than most Masons I had ever met before. They were
that, while tradition called for the attending of other   mostly young, some had bold tattoos, a few body
jurisdiction’s Grand Lodge sessions (we to theirs, they   piercings, embellished by few creative hairstyles,
to ours), for being received, properly introduced,        etc… First impressions aside, what was immediately
honored and recognized, and otherwise “hobnobbing         evident was their sincerity towards Freemasonry.
with my fellow wizards” (as some of my non-Masonic        Via my many discussions with them I soon became
friends would say), it was simply that; a time-honored    aware of the depth of their genuine affection for each
tradition. We go to great lengths; expending time,        other as well as the fraternity. We conversed about
energy, and money, to travel, decorate ourselves, stay    philosophy, esotericism, ritual, traditions, etc… I
in fancy hotels, wine and dine each other amid society’s  found them to be very learned men, fun-loving and
finer trappings and “To what end?” I asked. “To what      full of enthusiasm, who had taken their obligations
end?” What are the benefits of these activities to the    strictly to heart. I came away from that experience
Craft at large in our home jurisdictions? What is the     with several new, close friends, with whom I’ve kept
Return On Investment? What exactly do we bring            in contact ever since.
back that will aid and assist the constituent Lodges,
who are, by the way, PAYING for it all!                      Leap to October of the same year. I received a call
                                                          from my daughter that she’d taken two ambulance
   A mere 410 days ago, I was convinced that this         rides to the emergency room on consecutive days.
“tradition” was a prime example of, should I dare         Kate suffers from a somewhat rare neurological
say, elitism, exclusivity, and quite frankly a form of    syndrome that has since been diagnosed and treated.
“taxation without representation”.                        Needless to say, I caught the first, available flight to
                                                          Portland. During my weeklong stay, there was some
   What follows are the events that awakened me and       downtime between doctor visits and medical tests. My
changed my mind -and my life.                             new Brothers, most of who were members of (then)
                                                          Kenton Lodge #145, offered their aid and support in
   Having never been to Oregon, my wife, Jennifer         every way. On a particular Friday evening they invited
and I had agreed, a year in advance, to attend their      me to visit their Lodge for an S&C. Now, in most
2012 Grand Lodge Session. While I had previously          Masonic circles, S&C stands for Square and Compass.
accompanied our Grand Secretary to Elko to attend         In Kenton’s vernacular it means Scotch and Cigars.
PthageeG16rand Lodge of Nevada, I had not yet attended
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