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What should be the standard for a candidate for the degrees of Masonry?

Jefferson Jordan, RWSGW, New Mexico

                                       I will be speaking        The external qualifications are five in number:
                                   on is what should          Moral, Religious, Physical, Mental and Political.
                                   be the standard for        Morally, the candidate must faithfully observe the
                                   a candidate for the        Moral Law, and lead a virtuous life; Religiously, he
                                   degrees of Masonry.        must believe in the existence of one supreme Deity,
                                   But first I would like to  and must be yielded to his superintending power
                                   thank the Grand Lodge      and divine providence's, and he must believe in the
                                   of Montana for hosting     immortality of the soul and future resurrection into
                                   this event and for the     eternal life; Physically, he must be a man, free born
                                   opportunity to speak       of lawful age and not be in his dotage; Mentally, he
                                   on behalf of the Grand     must be intelligent, capable of comprehending, the
    Jefferson Jordan, SGW Lodge of New Mexico.                profound truths and tenets of the Order; Politically,
This is a very difficult topic and if I had responded         he must adhere to the principles of freedom and
a little earlier I might have gotten an easier question,      individual liberty of conscience, and be faithful in all
but I didn't.                                                 civic duties.

   I always start by speeches off by telling a story,         We will be addressing
usually a humorous one. I was in Montana a few years          these statements or
ago on a snowmobiling trip sporting a brand new sled          definitions at the
and telling by friends from Montana and Wyoming               conclusion of this talk. So
that I wasn't too impressed with the size of the              what is the standard that
mountains in Montana. I was even bragging that the            we are looking for in a
mountains in New Mexico was just as big as theirs.            prospective member? My
They informed me that when they came to a real                Father had a story from his
mountain they would inform me and I could make                youth and can  make my
some excuse why I was afraid to go up it. When we             determination  for better  Danny Lucero, Gr. Lecturer
got there they didn't have to tell me, I nearly fainted at
the pure immensity of what was before me. It seemed           than anything I could come up with. One rainy and
to reach past the sky itself. Well the gauntlet had been      cold night in Louisiana while trying to get home their
thrown and I was trapped. I reached the base of the           old truck just quit running and left them stranded.
hill doing about seventy miles an hour and proceed to         My Grandfather seeing a farmhouse in the woods
go up the mountain. I got within fifty yards                  said lets go see if we can get some help. A complete
of the top and powered out, at which time I                   stranger met them at the door and my
commenced the worst wreck of my life. It is                   Grandfather introduced himself, shook
funny about what goes through a persons                       hands with him and welcomed them inside.
head when he knows he is about to die.                        Whereupon, he showed them the fire and
In a conscience or un-conscience state I                      let them dry themselves. They then were fed
thought about two things. Did my secretary                    a hot meal and asked to stay the night. My
put insurance on this new Polaris and                         Grandfather not wanting to impose on the
could I get a Masonic funeral in Montana.                     man graciously declined his offer and said
I survived the crash and no I didn't have                     they would stay in their truck. The stranger
insurance and thanks to brethren From                         said George you will not do no such thing.
Montana that I have met while at the RMMC for the             Here are the keys to my car. Take it home
last few years, Yes, I could get a good Masonic funeral       and come back in the morning and we will fix your
in Montana.                                                   truck. On the way home my father remarked on how
                                                              lucky they were that the stranger and my grandfather
   The qualifications of a Mason are divided into two         were such good friends. My Grandfather simply
classes the internal and the external. The internal           answered that he had never met the man before. Son,
qualifications are known only to the candidate; they          he said, that man was a Mason.
are; does he come of his own freewill and accord; that
he is has not been influenced by mercenary motives:              Brethren, if you want my standard there it is. The
That he will be fully disposed to conform to the usages       man was a Mason.
of the Order.

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