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Montana Freemason                           November 2013	  Volume 89 Number 5

                                                            The Tough Mudder organization donates a portion
                                                            of the entrance fees to the Wounded Warrior Project.
                                                            Thus far, they have donated over $6.5 Million. We are

                                                                                            grateful to have been able
                                                                                            to contribute. We thank
                                                                                            all the military men and
                                                                                            women, past and present,
                                                                                            for their service.

Heading down a culvert, we emerged into near frozen
water and barbed wire. Trying to get back out was
difficult: there was little to no traction in the mud. We
were told to grab ropes inside and pull ourselves. My rope
was, of course, OUTSIDE the pipe, not in it.

                                                            The Team emerges and looks for more.

DI Ron fires up the Team to take the hill.

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