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Montana Freemason  November 2013	                           Volume 89 Number 5
Here, I can read Masonic philosophy, work on ritual
memorization exercises, and simply think in silence. Who Speaks for Freemasonry?
This space is made sacred in that I perform no Masons should know the Answer
other function in it, except to dwell in thought. There
is no television, no radio, and nothing to eat or drink,
except for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine that often
accompanies me on late night reading and writing            When the Masonic Information Center (MIC)
exercises. I can dim the lights and read by candlelight     was created 20 years ago, one of the major
if I so wish to do so. For some candles play an             problems it encountered with the news media
important role. They might also create a spiritual          and with the general public was the issue of
experience within sacred spaces. I also have artwork        Masonic Authority.

and objects that retain a special esoteric meaning to       That issue still exists, and all Masons - particularly
me. No matter how a Brother designs his sacred space        Masonic leaders - should be aware of who can,
it is uniquely his and no two spaces are ever the same.     and who cannot, speak for Freemasonry.

   In this short essay, I hope to inspire my fellow         It is difficult for the general public to understand
Brethren in seeking their own chamber of reflection         that Freemasonry is structured in such as way
in establishing a sacred space for meaningful thought.      that its highest “Masonic Authority” rests within
In building our own man caves of the mind we are            the Grand Lodge for each state, province, or
creating places where we can remove ourselves from          jurisdiction.
the everyday world to embrace the wisdom that is            Many Masonic writers express their opinions, and
found in the teachings of our fraternity. Sacred space      with the help of the internet, those views may be
does not only have to exist in a house of worship or        widely distributed, and even treated as “Masonic
in a Masonic Lodge. Rather, it is available to every        Authority.” Sometimes, when reading a column
Brother in his own home or workshop.                        in the official publication of one of the national
                                                            Masonic -related organizations, a perception
                                                            might be created that these organizations - not
                                                            Grand Lodges - are speaking for Freemasonry.

                                                            In both cases, they are only speaking for
                                                            themselves, as individuals or organizations.
                                                            Their opinions are not authoritiave for all

                                                            In 2001, the MIC created the Statement on
                                                            Masonic Authority, reprinted in the box on this
                                                            page. It is brief and gives a clear explanation as to
                                                            where ultimate “Masonic Authority” rests.

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