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Samuel W. Langhorne
 19th Grand Master

   Samuel Wesley Langhorne                                 He was a member of the Freemasons. In 1884 he
was born in Buckingham                                  served as Grand Master of Montana the and spent
County, Virgina on January                              several years as chairman of the jurisprudence
19, 1836. Shortly thereafter                            committee of the Grand Lodge. As a pioneer of
the family moved to Missouri                            Montana and as one who wielded a strong and vigorous
where he was educated                                   influence in shaping the policy and advancing the
and attended college at                                 material welfare of the state, he was held in the highest
Lexington, Mo., and in 1852                             esteem throughout the territory and state.
he accompanied his father to
California. In 1863 he moved to Virginia City, and         On the morning of June 16, 1885, the Grand
1865, moved to Helena which became his home, with       Lodge of Montana Masons assembled to perform the
the exception of fifteen years in Bozeman.              ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the Masonic
                                                        Temple in Helena. Gathering at the old Temple at
   He was trained as a druggist, working in Helena      Main and Edwards at 11 a.m., the Grand Lodge
from 1865 to 1870 before moving to Bozeman. As a        officers and acting Grand Lodge officers marched to
representative from Gallatin County he served in the    the site of the cornerstone in the northeast corner of
first territorial assembly to meet in Helena, in 1876,  the Temple. The cornerstone laid that day can be seen
and had the distinction of being chosen speaker of the  clearly today, although it is partially obstructed by a
assembly. He was also an attorney and practiced in      wooden stairway.
the field of land and mining operations.
                                                           Brother S.W. Langhorne was raised to the sublime
   On January 27, 1883, Samuel W. Langhorne             degree of a Master Mason in Gallatin Lodge No. 6 on
established the Bozeman Weekly Chronicle in             January 11, 1873. He served as Worshipful Master in
order to promote the Democratic Party. The main         1876-1878 and 1882 and served as Secretary in 1879.
competition in town was the Avant Courier, a            He Dimitted from Gallatin Lodge No. 6 on January
supporter of the Republican Party. He also served as    12, 1895 and affiliated with Helena Lodge No. 3. on
Mayor of Bozeman. On August 22, 1883, he was one        February 2, 1895. Brother Langhorne served as Most
of the few of the privileged local citizens who were    Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Montana in
extended an invitation to attend the “Golden Spike”     1884-1885.
ceremony at Gold Creek. In 1884, he was elected a
delegate to the constitutional convention which            Past Grand Master S.W. Langhorne died at the age
framed a state constitution, which was never adopted.   of 91. He was interred in Forestvale Cemetery, Helena,
He was appointed register of the Helena land office by  Montana.
President Cleveland in 1885, serving for four years.

   He was again chosen to the legislature in 1896,
representing Lewis and Clark County. He also served
two terms as Probate Judge in Gallatin County and
two years each in the offices of Clerk and Recorder of
the County.

   In political views, Judge Langhorne was one of the
leading representatives of the Democratic party and
did much to further its cause.

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