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Montana Freemason  November 2013	                         Volume 89 Number 5

   I observed the DeMolay from the various Chapters          DeMolay needs to become more visible and not
able to speak well and present thoughtful questions       just serve a meal or sell a pin, our DeMolay needs
and answers and still find room for questions such as     to be active and engaged with the fraternity and let
“What does the Fox say?”                                  Masons see why they support DeMolay and all of
                                                          our youth groups. Both members of the Craft and
   I believe we need to have more interaction with        the Order of DeMolay need to understand what is
the DeMolay Chapters and not just use them or ask         expected from DeMolay. This understanding cannot
them to serve a meal or help clean up, they really offer  help but improve the relationship between the two
much more. We do of course have the right to expect       organizations!
something from them, but it is rightfully probably
more that they learn and reflect the teaching and
purpose of the Order of DeMolay.

   We can do more, we can “Be There”, to help and to
show by example. We must also remember that just
as Freemasonry is not for everyone, DeMolay is not
for everyone, and not every Master Mason is right
for DeMolay. But we can expect, but not demand
that in becoming better citizens from DeMolay, that
Freemasonry may be an opportunity for them to
continue to receive and give, by the leadership they
have learned, and the friendships that they have
made and can continue to make. So yes, we can hope
that the members of DeMolay will find more from
joining the Masonic Fraternity but that is not the goal
of DeMolay. DeMolay needs Masons to be Chapter
Advisors but the lack of them is one that even our
Lodges have a problem with, securing leaders for our
Lodges and Job’s Daughters, Rainbow, OES and all the

W. Bro. Frank Rice

We are are thinking of you
and are here for you. We’ve
got your back. Get better soon.

Your Brothers at Helena No. 3

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