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Montana Freemason  November 2013	                                                                                                                            Volume 89 Number 5

    Finally, the date and time had come that many                                                                                                               MeALrdtnaomnoRraingtS:eitsBret.vrreoaPttBohhureolrotloofD:cDaFkv.e;eLpDtePeoarelfGewFrCieastvahtre;,lsCsWohnial,dsBlViafaennn&GacPekanrSdktrsae;tneG,Poavr-k
people had been waiting for. September 9, 2013
at 10:30 am was the official reopening of Bannack                                                                                                                Visit the Bannack Association site on Facebook
State Park, a place held dear by Masons’ and non-                                                                                                            and see photos of the flood July 17th, as well as
Masons alike. The Masons had especially been                                                                                                                 photos of Bannack the way it is meant to look with
invited to attend due to our support of the State                                                                                                            all its saloons, cabins, stores, the church and Meade
Park and especially the Masonic Temple and school.                                                                                                           Hotel, Montana’s first courthouse. Better yet, get in
Nine Masons of local Dillon Lodge No. 16 as well as                                                                                                          your car and travel 24 miles South and West of Dillon
Belgrade #68 and lodges in Texas and Nevada were                                                                                                             and experience Bannack for yourself. Many of the old
represented among the approximately 60 people who                                                                                                            buildings are unlocked so you can visit the inside. Ask
attended. Governor Steve Bullock was on hand to                                                                                                              a park official if you can see the inside of Bannack’s
celebrate the occasion and several times offered many                                                                                                        Masonic Lodge, built in 1874 at a cost of $1200. They
nice remarks regarding the Masons involvement in                                                                                                             are always very accommodating in that respect.
Bannack functions and especially our support of the                                                                                                          Many of the original jewels and other ornaments are
Bannack Masonic Temple. Thank you, Governor                                                                                                                  on display. Bannack Lodge was chartered in 1871 as
for all your kind comments about Freemasonry. In                                                                                                             Bannack Lodge No. 16. However due to declining
addition to Governor Bullock, representing the                                                                                                               membership Bannack No. 16 consolidated with
Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks were FWP                                                                                                                Dillon Lodge No. 23 in 1921. Dillon’s Masons took
Director Chas Van Gendren, Region 3 Parks Director                                                                                                           the number of the Lodge as their own and have been
Jerry Walker, Bannack Manager Dale Carlson and                                                                                                               known for over 90 years as Dillon Lodge No. 16.
Assistant Bannack Park Manager, Tom Lowe. Many
members of the Bannack Association were dressed in
period costume for the event.

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    Dave Prewett, PGM and his wife Sharon came
over from Belgrade to share in the tour of Bannack
by Park Manager Dale Carlson. Brother Dave was
thanked personally by Governor Bullock for all the
Masons’ help and support of Bannack State Park and
the Masonic Temple in particular.

    The day was beautiful for the visit. Temperatures
were mid sixties all day and the sun shined brightly
which crowned the occasion for all in attendance.
Bannack State Park is hoping to have many visitors
this Fall to help ease the two months the Park was
closed due to cleanup, rebuilding and making the 1862
ghost town safe for visitors again.

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