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M4ontthanaAFrneenmuasaonl 2013 Tri-JurisdiNcotvioemnbaerl20G13r	and Masters’ Volume 89 Number 5
                  Roaming Outdoor Lodge

    The beauty of Canada was in full bloom at this years     Virgil Rinke (153) and MWGM Thom Chisholm
Tri-Jurisdictional, held in Waterton, Alberta. Wild life
was everywhere: driving through town mountain sheep
were seen grazing in front yards and black bears in the
hills outside of town; strings of horses and riders headed
out to enjoy the splendor of the Rocky Mountains in its
fall splendor.

    The Masonic program was the exemplification of
the Third Degree. The Canadian degree team was most
prepared and presented a flawless work. It was most
interesting to watch and note the subtle and sometimes
marked differences of Montana work and that of Canada.
The common thread of the degree that ties us together as
Masons could be seen through out the program.

    The meals were excellent! The family hired to
prepare the food was most diligent in every detail. Their
entire family, teenagers, and those younger, all pitched in
to ensure the meals were hot and plentiful. Once again,
my best regards to them.

    The final evening’s boat ride down the lake to
transit into the United States and back into Canada, was
without a doubt the perfect way to conclude an already
wonderful weekend. On the journey South, the wind was
"quite brisk" and most refreshing for those that remained
topside. Upon arrival in the U.S., everyone disembarked
to recover their 'land legs' and enjoy a break from the
task of waterborne travel. The return trip to Canada
was even more enjoyable as the wind was astern and the
lake waters almost flat. Once the boat docked everyone
seemed reluctant to leave as it was realized that once
ashore, the weekend was over and we all had to return
to our endeavors.
Very well done, Alberta!

Lewie Fletcher (52, 53, 144)
Grand Marshal

                                                             Photos by Tom Davis (32)

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