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Montana Freemason              May 2015	                          Volume 91 Number 2

Rectehpeti2o0n15f-o2r01th6eGnraenwd GLoradngde OMfafiscteerrsand  Attire for Session

                                                                    Visiting Dignitaries – Black Tuxedo
                                                                    Masons – Tux or Suit
                                                                    Ladies – Complimentary to the men

                                                                  Friday, June 26th
                                                                  SeGssriaonnd Lodge Officers – Black Tuxedos

                                                                    Visiting Dignitaries - Suit or Coat & Tie
                                                                    Masons – Suit or Coat & Tie
                                                                  MGasrtaenrdMLaosdognesOBfafincqeruse–t Business Casual
                                                                    Masons – Business Casual
                                                                    Ladies – Complimentary to the men

  Brothers and friends, immediately following the                 Saturday, June 27th
Installation, you are cordially invited to a Reception            SeGssriaonnd Lodge Officers – Black Tuxedo
for the newly installed Grand Master and the 2015-
2016 Grand Lodge Officers. In addition to genuine                   Visiting Dignitaries – Suit or Coat & Tie
friendship and brotherly love, a delectable array of hors           Masons – Suit or Coat & Tie
d’oeuvre have been selected for your gastronomical                InGstraalnladtLioondg- eGOraffnidceMrs a–stBelrac&k GTuraxneddoOfficers
delight - everything from Smoked Trout Canapes, to                  Visiting Dignitaries – Suit or Coat & Tie
Beef, Chicken and Caprese Skewers, to Crab Cakes,                   Masons – Suit or Coat & Tie
Fruit Kabobs, and Tomato Tulips. Oh, and let’s not                  Ladies – complimentary to the men
forget the Chocolate-Dipped Bacon! It’s first come,               ReAclelpMtiaosnonfosr–nSeuwitGorraCnodatM&asTtieer and Officers
first served. Hope to see you there!                                Ladies – complimentary to the men
Sincerely and Fraternally,
~ Brother Brian J. Murphy and Lady Jennifer

Presentation of Lodge Banners                                     Dues Cards Presented at Session

Continuing with the long standing tradition, Lodges Current Dues Card: the current Dues Card will need
are again requested to bring their Lodge Banner for to presented at check in and Registration at Session.
display during the Annual Communication. The The current dues card will be red in color and
Banners will be posted about the Lodge room. Please show the expiration date of December 31, 2015. The
make arrangements to ensure that your Lodge is barcode on the dues card will be scanned to expedite
represented with your banner.                                     check in and verify voting status. Failure to bring
                                                                  and present your 2015 Dues Card may result in you
                                                                  not being allowed to participate in Session.

                                          Proposed Resolutions

The proposed legislation presented herein has been reviewed and approved by your Committee on
Jurisprudence. The legislation proposed is in proper format for presentation to the Craft. For complete
detailed legislation please see the Advance Proceedings or the copies available during Session.

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