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WorsThoipAftutlenMdaSsteesrs’isoDn uty                            Proxies

Every year, Worshipful Masters and Wardens            Whenever the Master, Senior Warden or Junior
promise to submit to the “ancient charges and         Warden cannot attend the annual communication
regulations of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons”      he may grant a proxy, in writing, to some member
before being installed. These charges “point out the  of his Lodge to act in his stead. The proxy must be
duties of a Master of a Lodge,” and are deemed so     issued by him at east two days prior to the annual
important that they are read to ensure accuracy.      communication, and he must notify the other officers
What do these charges mean? Here is some food for     of the granting of the proxy. The proxy card must be
thought. You promise a regular attendance on the      presented when checking in and registration.
committees and Communications of the Grand            If either the Master, Senior Warden or Junior
Lodge on receiving proper notice and to pay           Warden has died during his term of office or has
attention to all the duties of Masonry on convenient  permanently moved from this jurisdiction, the
occasions. A Lodge is a constituent of the Grand      Lodge may, at a regular meeting held at least two
Lodge when in session. In order for a lodge to be     days prior to the annual communication, elect a
an indispensable component it must be represented.    proxy for such officer. If the member designated as
Thus its presence is mandatory, either personally or  proxy does not use it, the credential cannot be used
by proxy. Additionally, our Code requires that each   by anyone else. If a proxy is being given, it should
Lodge be represented by the attendance of their       be given to a member of the Lodge other than a Past
Master and Wardens.                                   Master, as they have a vote. If attending as a Proxy,
25050. REPRESENTATION IN GRAND LODGE.                 the member must present his current Montana
Each chartered and duly constituted lodge shall be    Dues Card and the Proxy card to the registration
represented in Grand Lodge at every non ceremonial    committee. Tie Vote. The Grand Master shall have
communication by one or more of its Master            a regular vote in all matters before Grand Lodge. In
and Wardens, or by an elected representative.         case of a tie vote, he may also cast the deciding vote.
Where a Master or Warden is unable to attend,
the lodge Instructor shall be given the preferential                Aprons For Session
                                                      Again this year all officers are encouraged to bring and
                                                      wear the apron appropriate to their office or station
                                                      within the Lodge. Also, all Past Masters are encouraged
                                                      to wear their Past Master’s Apron. There will be a
                                                      limited number of plain paper aprons available for use.

          OnNGortaicnedFLoordBgaellOotfifnicgers      The lambskin apron is the prized possession of every
                                                      Mason. In order to protect it from the deterioration of
  During the 149th Annual Communication, the          frequent use, it is customary to wear as a substitute, a
voting delegates will be voting for the following     white cloth apron supplied by the Lodge. Some Lodges
officers:                                             provide special aprons with blue trim and appropriate
                                                      emblems for their officers, and most Grand Lodges
         Deputy Grand Master                          have more elaborate aprons for their officers. To be
         Senior Grand Warden                          “properly clothed,” a Mason must wear the apron in
         Junior Grand Warden                          Lodge unless, as an officer, he wears the appropriate
         Grand Treasurer                              apron supplied him by the Lodge or Grand Lodge.
         Grand Secretary                              Within the Grand Jurisdiction of Montana Masons
  The various duties of these officers are specified  always wear their aprons outside of clothing; not under
within the Constitution and Code of Statutes.         the coat or jacket.

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