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Original resolution approved by Euclid Lodge No. 58 on February 17, 2015.
Original resolution signed by Marty Eberly, Worshipful Master, and Aaron Pursell, Secretary.
Proponent’s Rationale:
In order to establish that all Master Masons are truly a part of their respective lodge and of Grand Lodge,
this resolution is pivotal to ensure that their voice is heard. If all Master Masons are men we can trust
and have taken the obligation, why should they not be trusted to vote on matters that affect them and our
organization. If we cannot trust even the newest Master Mason to vote at Grand Lodge, then the problem is
more rooted in our practices in the raising of men to that sublime degree.
TChoemCmoemnmtsitotfeeCoonmJmuriitstpereuodnenJucerimsparduedmenocdei:fications to this resolution to make it more concise and to put
it in proper format. No changes were made to the proponent’s intent.
This resolution seeks to amend four sections of the Grand Lodge Constitution to grant membership in
Grand Lodge to all Master Masons who are in good standing in a constituent lodge in Montana, who have
made suitable proficiency in all three degrees, excluding those whose only membership in Montana is in an
educational or historic lodge. It further grants them the powers and privileges of membership, i.e., to power
to represent their lodge in the determination of a quorum and to vote in Grand Lodge. Finally, it removes
the authority of the three principal officers of the lodge to grant proxies if they cannot attend the annual
In accordance with Section 810 of the Constitution, the Grand Master shall refer this resolution to a special
committee, which shall review the proposed amendment and make corrections which do not change its
original intent. The special committee shall report on the proposed amendment by recommending passage
or defeat thereof, and may concurrently recommend substantive amendments or a substitute Constitutional
amendment which shall be considered by the members of Grand Lodge.
If the proposed Constitutional amendment and any amendments to it are approved by a majority vote of
the members present, it shall be referred to the Committee on Jurisprudence, which shall report thereon
at the next annual communication. A three-fourths favorable vote must be received at the next annual
communication for the amendment to be adopted.

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