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Be it resolved that Section 230 of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. of Montana be amended
as follows:
230. OFFICERS AND MEMBERS. Grand Lodge shall consist of all Master Masons in good standing in a
constituent lodge of Montana who have made suitable proficiency in all three degrees. This does not include
those Master Masons whose only membership in Montana is in an educational or historic lodge.
A. Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Senior Grand Warden, Junior Grand Warden, Grand Treasurer,
Grand Secretary, Senior Grand Deacon, Junior Grand Deacon, Grand Marshal, Senior Grand Steward,
Junior Grand Steward, Grand Standard Bearer, Grand Sword Bearer, Grand Pursuivant, Grand Tyler, Grand
Chaplain, Grand Historian, Grand Organist, and Assistant Grand Secretary.
B. Such officers as it may from time to time create.
C. The Past Grand Masters and Past Deputy Grand Masters of this jurisdiction.
D. The Masters and Wardens or their proxies duly constituted, and the Treasurer and Secretary, without
right of proxy, of the chartered lodges under its jurisdiction, and
E. Such Past Masters who qualify as Past Masters of this jurisdiction, and provided for elsewhere in this
Code (28060).
Be it further resolved that Constitution Section 450 be amended as follows:
450. QUORUM. The annual communication of Grand Lodge shall not be opened, nor shall any business
be contracted therein, unless a majority of the chartered lodges in the jurisdiction be represented. A lodge
may be represented by any of its members who are also members of Grand Lodge (230). one or more of
the following:
A. Its Worshipful Master.
B. Its wardens.
C. Proxies of its worshipful master and/or wardens.
D. Its secretary.
E. A past master who is in good standing in the lodge.
A smaller number may meet and adjourn from day to day until a constitutional quorum shall be in attendance.
Be it further resolved that Constitution Section 620 be amended as follows:
620. VOTES. Each member of the Grand Lodge of Montana shall be entitled to one vote at the annual
communication. The following shall each be entitled to one vote:
A. Elective and appointive Grand Lodge Officers;
B. Past Grand Officers;
C. Masters, Wardens, Treasurers and Secretaries of chartered lodges; and
D. Past Masters of chartered lodges.
Be it further resolved that Section 640 be amended as follows:
640. PROXIES. No proxies will be allowed. Whenever the Master, Senior Warden or Junior Warden cannot
attend the annual communication he may grant a proxy in writing to some member of his lodge to act in his
stead. The proxy must be issued by him at least two days prior to the annual communication and he must
notify the other officers of granting the proxy. If either the Master, Senior Warden or Junior Warden has
died during his term of office or has permanently moved from this jurisdiction the lodge may, at a regular
meeting held at least two days prior to the annual communication, elect a proxy for such officer. If the
member designated as proxy does not use it, the credential cannot be used by anyone else.

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