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Montana Freemason  May 2015	  Volume 91 Number 2

Belgrate Lodge No. 68 proposes this additional wording to better clarify this section to reflect the change
we proposed in 2001 so a not to make it up to interpretation each year by the Grand Lodge but as a rule all
can understand and operate by.
This additional wording, in no way, changes the way degrees are conferred now or number of candidates
done at one time per section but just spells out no limitation on the total number of candidates per meeting
or the number of times any section of the degree work may be repeated during the meeting.

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This resolution seeks to clarify the interpretation of Code Section 39030. It seeks to add wording to clearly
state that the limit on the number of candidates “at one time” does not apply to the number of times a degree
can be conferred in a meeting or to the total number of candidates who receive degrees at a meeting.
This resolution seeks to amend the Code of Statutes. In accordance with Code Section 50320, a two-thirds
favorable vote is required for passage.

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