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Montana Freemason       May 2015	  Volume 91 Number 2

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member must find another Lodge within that year or he loses all benefits of Masonry including formal
Masonic assistance for himself and his wife. Sometimes, the majority of these members are elderly and
unwilling or unable, due to health to seek out a new lodge. Sometimes, a new Lodge is located far from their
place of abode.
When a charter is surrendered or revoked all members would automatically be transferred to membership
in the Grand Master’s Lodge with all the rights and benefits they had in their old Lodge. The members of
the Grand Master’s Lodge would pay dues and receive dimits when requested. Life members would be life
members in the Grand Master’s Lodge.
The Grand Master’s Lodge would not be authorized to perform degrees or hold meetings. It would act as
a holding Lodge to allow its members to continue to be “Masons in good standing” and entitled to all the
benefits of Masonry without a one year limitation.

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This resolution seeks to amend the Code of Statutes to create a Grand Master’s Lodge, which will be a new
classification of constituent lodge. The Grand Master’s Lodge will be a holding lodge for Masons who are
members of a constituent lodge at the time of the surrender or revocation of its charter. The resolution also
seeks to add duties as ex-officio officers of the Grand Master’s Lodge to the list of duties of the Grand Master,
Grand Wardens, Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary.
This resolution seeks to amend the Code of Statutes. In accordance with Code Section 50320, a two-thirds
favorable vote is required for passage.

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