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Montana Freemason  May 2015	  Volume 91 Number 2

J. Compile each month the monthly list of changes in membership furnished by the secretaries of the lodges,
and transmit them in one report to all of the lodges in this jurisdiction and to the Grand Chapter of Royal
Arch Masons, the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters, the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar,
the secretary of each Valley of Scottish Rite and the recorder of each Shrine Temple within the State of
K. Keep the Seal of Grand Lodge and affix the same, with his attestation, to all instruments emanating from
that body and also to all the written official acts of the Grand Master when required by him;
L. Issue notices of any special communication for important business ordered by the Grand Master to each
officer of Grand Lodge and the Master of each lodge:
M. Standardize forms which are to be used by the lodges, keep on hand a supply of same, and furnish them
to the lodges at cost;
N. Manage the office of Grand Lodge;
O. Transmit, at least 105 days prior to the commencement date of the next annual communication, a copy
of each resolution and recommendation lawfully presented to him, to the members of the Committee on
Jurisprudence for their review and any needed drafting or redrafting. To transmit at least 60 days prior to the
commencement of the next Annual communication a copy of each such resolution and recommendation, as
drafted or redrafted by the Committee on Jurisprudence, together with a copy of the proposed Grand Lodge
budget, to the constituent lodges;
P. Meet with the Committee on Work and prepare notice of any and all changes adopted at each annual
communication and transmit them to the constituent lodges:
Q. Serve as Secretary and member of the Executive Committee;
R. Serve on the Committee on Publications and have the proceedings of Grand Lodge printed;
S. Sign 50 year certificates;
T. Provide suitable badges for the representatives, officers and permanent members at all annual
communications of Grand Lodge;
U. Keep a book of lodge seals;
V. Direct petitioners for a lodge under dispensation to file their dimits in his office;
W. Attest the charter of consolidated lodges;
X. Assist the Grand Wardens with their duties in connection with officers workshops;
Y. Exercise his discretion to charge the actual cost for each copy of the Grand Lodge proceedings sent to any
one other than those entitled to receive them; distribute copies of the annual proceedings within 180 days
of the closing of the Annual communication;
Z. Meet with the Committee on Finance to assist in preparing a preliminary budget;
AA. Bind Grand Lodge reports and other documents;
BB. Act as Curator and Librarian of the Grand Lodge Library and Museum;
CC. Be responsible for the care, maintenance and upkeep of the Grand Lodge building;
DD. Notify all lodges in this jurisdiction of the time of opening each annual communication;
EE. Pay monies collected from Candidates in excess of fees for the degrees to the George Washington
Masonic Memorial Association and the Treasurer of the Masonic Home of Montana;
FF. Serve summons in case of Grand Lodge trials;
GG. Be one of the custodians of the ritual;
HH. Be responsible for the cleaning, repair and replacement of the Grand Lodge aprons and jewels; and
II. Serve as secretary of the Grand Master’s Lodge; and
JJ. Perform all such other duties appertaining to his office as this Code requires or Grand
Lodge directs.

Submitted by Gallatin Lodge No. 6, AF&AM.
Original resolution signed by Joel H. Dunbar, Worshipful Master, and David R. Dunbar, Secretary.

Proponent’s Rationale:
Each year, some of our lodges are faced with the decision to either consolidate or surrender their charter.
Consolidation is the option first considered as the lesser of two evils, but many times consolidation is not
available. The reason surrender of the charter is not the first choice is due to the negative effect on the Lodge
members. When a charter is surrendered all members are issued a certificate that he is a non-affiliated
Master Mason in good standing (same effect as a dimit) or a dimit which is good for one year and that

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