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Montana Freemason  May 2015	                                     Volume 91 Number 2

Be it further resolved that Section 1060 be amended as follows:

1060. DUTIES. The Grand Master shall:
A. Preside in Grand Lodge at all annual, special and emergency communications;
B. Present, at each annual communication, a message setting forth:
1. All his official acts during the year;
2. The general condition of Masonry within the jurisdiction; and
3. Recommendations of such legislation as he deems necessary or expedient for the welfare of the craft;
C. Approve an annual expense allowance to reimburse the Grand Secretary for all personal and
transportation expense incurred by him in carrying out the duties of the office;
D. Approve the surety bonds of the Grand Treasurer and the Grand Secretary;
E. Sign Montana Masonic Education Achievement awards;
F. Appoint committees as provided for elsewhere in this Code (5010, 5020, 5130);
G. Serve on committees as provided for elsewhere in this Code (5030, 5020);
H. Set and approve salaries as provided for elsewhere in this Code (8020);
I. Order and sign replacement charters;
J. Sign 50 year certificates;
K. Be one of the custodians of the ritual;
L. Penalize a lodge for balloting without jurisdiction the sum of $50.00 to be paid to the Grand Treasurer
for the Grand Lodge General Fund;
M. Call meetings of the Executive Committee;
N. Constitute the lodge for which a charter is granted in accordance with the ancient usages and
regulations. He may do so either in person or by a duly authorized representative;
O. Oversee consolidation of lodges by:
1. Approving the proceedings;
2. Signing charters; and
3. Organizing consolidation.
P. Appoint an Instructor in each constituent lodge and sign their commission;
Q. Appoint trial commissioners and a chairman thereof;
R. Issue a summons to an accused against whom charges have been filed;
S. Discharge all necessary executive functions of Grand Lodge when it is not in session;
T. Approve lodge proposed articles of incorporation; and
U. Serve as Master of the Grand Master's Lodge; and
V. Exercise general and careful supervision over the Craft, and see that the Constitution and
Statutes of Grand Lodge are strictly maintained, supported, and obeyed.
[2002 Proc.71, 82,141(R-2002-3); 2012 Proc. _ (GMR 2012-05)]

Be it further resolved that Section 2020 be amended as follows:

2020. GRAND WARDENS. It shall be the duty of the Grand Wardens to assist the Grand Master at all
communications of Grand Lodge, and, in his absence and that of the Deputy Grand Master, to preside in
the order of their rank. In case of death, absence from the jurisdiction, or inability of perform the function
of office of both of their superiors, the Grand Wardens shall, in the order of their rank, succeed to and
be charged with all the powers and duties of the Grand Master. They shall annually hold a workshop or
workshops for the instruction of officers and members of the Craft. They shall serve on committees as
provided for elsewhere in this Code. They shall be the respective wardens of the Grand Master’s Lodge.
(5020, 5030).

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