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Montana Freemason  May 2014                                                      Volume 90 Number 2

Mason is an occupant. I also understand that the cost of the professional administration company is expected
to exceed the available revenues needed to maintain current operations. This can possibly lead to the need
to draw upon the principal amount of the foundation moneys. What I am stating is that the Masonic Home
is once again struggling with funding concerns, and at the same time is not very “Masonic” in its occupants.

    We have to take the next step and transition to a different model for our Masonic Home, and most
importantly, a new model for our charity. I am convinced we can provide a more meaningful form of assistance
for our brothers; one that maintains the dignity or humility, strengthens our position within the state, and
demonstrates our courage and leadership in the public arena.

TChoims Gmreanntds MofatshteerC’sormecmomitmteeenodnatJiuornisspereukds etoncdei:rect the Board of Trustees to take necessary actions to close
the Masonic Home not later than December 31, 2014, and to sell the real property assets of the Home not
later than July 31, 2015. It further seeks to request the incoming Grand Master to form a special committee
to study the form of our Grand Lodge charity in the future, and report to Grand Lodge at the next Annual

    This recommendation does not seek to amend the Constitution, the Code of Statutes, or the ritual.
Therefore, it requires a favorable majority vote for adoption.


  On April 11th MWGM Thom Chisholm visited
Judith Lodge No. 86 in Hobson for a visitation with
the Lewistown area Lodges. After a meal, Brothers
from Friendship No. 37, Captain Scott Lodge No. 98,
Western Star No. 104, Unity No. 71, Lavina Temple
No. 101, and Judith Lodge No. 86 greeted Grand
Master Chisholm. The Grand Master addressed the
Brothers on a number of subjects and then open the
floor for questions and answers.

  Also present were: MWPGM Don Kimmel, RW
Grand Secretary Reid Gardiner, W. Grand Marshal
Lewie Fletcher, W. Junior Grand Steward Moe
Rademacher, W. Assistant Grand Secretary Dan
Gardiner, and a host of wonderful Brothers.

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