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Montana Freemason   May 2014                             Volume 90 Number 2

Aprons For Session                                       Attire for Session

Again this year all officers are encouraged to bring     ThursdGayr,aJnudnLeo2dgtehOfofrficVeerssp–erBslack Tuxedos
and wear the apron appropriate to their office or                 Visiting Dignitaries – Black Tuxedos
station within the Lodge. Also, all Past Masters                  Masons – Suit or Coat & Tie
are encouraged to wear their Past Master’s Apron.                 Ladies – Formal
There will be a limited number of plain paper aprons              Boat cruise and dinner – Business Casual
available for use.

The lambskin apron is the prized possession              Friday, June 27th
of every Mason. In order to protect it from the                   SGersasniodnLodge Officers – Black Tuxedos
deterioration of frequent use, it is customary to wear            Visiting Dignitaries - Suit or Coat & Tie
as a substitute, a white cloth apron supplied by the              Masons – Suit or Coat & Tie
Lodge. Some Lodges provide special aprons with                    Master Masons Banquet
blue trim and appropriate emblems for their officers,             Grand Lodge Officers – Suit or Coat & Tie
and most Grand Lodges have more elaborate aprons                  Masons – Suit or Coat & Tie
for their officers. To be “properly clothed,” a Mason             Ladies –Complimentary to the men
must wear the apron in Lodge unless, as an officer,
he wears the appropriate apron supplied him by the       Saturday, June 28th
Lodge or Grand Lodge.                                             GSersasniodnLodge Officers – Black Tuxedo
Within the Grand Jurisdiction of Montana Masons                   Visiting Dignitaries – Suit or Coat & Tie
always wear their aprons outside of clothing; not                 Masons – Suit or Coat & Tie
under the coat or jacket.
                                                         Installation for new Grand Master & Grand Lodge
           Invitation to Installation                    OfficerGs rand Lodge Officers – Black Tuxedo
                                                                  Visiting Dignitaries – Suit or Coat & Tie
                     Reception                                    Masons – Suit or Coat & Tie
                                                                  Ladies – complimentary to the men
    Most Worshipful, Right Worshipful, Worshipful        ReceptiAolnl Mfoarsnoenws –GSruanitdorMCaostaetr&anTdieOfficers
and Brothers All, You are cordially invited to the                Ladies – complimentary to the men
Installation of the 2014-2015 Elected and Appointed
Grand Lodge Officers at 5:00 P.M . on Saturday June            Dues Cards Presented at Session
28, 2014 following the Formal Closing of the 148th
Annual Communications of the Grand Lodge A. F.           Current Dues Card: the current Dues Card will need
& A. M. of Montana being held in Polson, Montana         to presented at check in and Registration at Session.
at the KwaTaqNuk-Best Western Hotel.                     The current dues card will be green in color and
                                                         show the expiration date of December 31, 2014. The
                                Lady Ellen and myself    barcode on the dues card will be scanned to expedite
                            along with the 2014-2015     check in and verify voting status. Failure to bring
                            Grand Lodge Officers look    and present your 2014 Dues Card may result in you
                            forward to your support      not being allowed to participate in Session.
                            and attendance at our
                            Installation Ceremonies and          Proposed Recommendations
                            your Registering for and                      and Resolutions
                            attendance at the Reception
                            following. The cost for the  The proposed legislation presented herein has
                            reception is $25.00.         been reviewed and approved by your Committee
                                                         on Jurisprudence. The legislation proposed is in
                        Donald S. Cerovski               proper format for presentation to the Craft. For
                                                         complete detailed legislation please see the Advance
                                    Donald S. Cerovski   Proceedings or the copies available during Session.
                              R.W. Deptuy Grand Master
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