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Montana Freemason          May 2014                        Volume 90 Number 2

                   BLOOMS TAXONOMY

Using old concepts to creat new ideas,                     Assessing theories; Comparison of
Design and Invention; Composing;                           Ideas; Evaluating Outcomes; Solving;
Imagining; Inferring; Modifying; predicting;               Judgeing; Recommending; Rating
Using and applying knowledge;                                 Identifying and analyzing patterns;
Using problem solving methods;                                Organisation of ideas; recognizing
Manipulating; Designing;                                      trends
Recall of Information;                                                  Understanding; Translating;
Discovery, Observation;                                                  Summarising; Discussing;
Listing; Locating; Naming

   I was recently reminded of a powerful message               Home is a wonderful place to be, and I am proud
from an unlikely source. Arguably one of the modern        of western Montana for keeping the home fire burning
era’s finest educators and children’s author, Dr. Seuss,   for me during the past 11 years.
penned the following axiom of education:
                                                              Hot Springs Lodge has afforded me the chance to
             The more that you read,                       learn and grow as a Mason. I have never left a lodge
             The more things you will know.                meeting here when my constitution was not renewed
             The more that you learn,                      and my step lighter. They have been a fountain of
             The more places you’ll go!                    energy for me when the journey made me weary. To
   As I close this chapter of my Masonic journey, I        my Masonic family, I can only accept their patience
encourage everyone to apply the intent of this poem        and understanding during my absence from the local
to his relationship with Freemasonry. And as I select      activities of the lodge and chapter. To those special
my final words, I posit this as advice and a request for   brothers who understand that words cannot express
the good of the order and the betterment of the craft:     our relationship, I am certain you understand. I trust
NEVER STOP LEARNING!                                       you know my reciprocal appreciation of Masonry.
   I would be remiss to not acknowledge the efforts
and support of the many that have made Montana                Finally, to my family I say must say thanks for
Masonry a superb experience for me. While the list         the years of commitment that was given to the craft
is lengthy, I would like to recognize a few individuals,   vicariously. Although the understanding may have
and entities. To begin, I would like to speak to the       appeared cloudy, the support and love was always
integrity of the craft as a whole. From corner to          crystal clear, without condition or appeal. To Brandy
corner of this grand state, Freemasons still, as always,   and my boys, “I Love You”, I could not have labored in
are the foundations of their communities and lodges.       the quarries without your assurance. Collectively, to
They are practicing the arts of the craft to better their  all I say, “Thank You”
towns/cities, schools, and counties.

   I have really enjoyed the travel and getting to                                                   Page 5
understand the many wonderful brothers in the
jurisdiction. I have to acknowledge the Glacier and
Missoula districts for their unwavering support and
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