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Grand Master’s Message
                                                        to the Craft

                                                               the parallels of western society, and the leadership
                                                               of the United States.  It made me remember my
                                                               university advisor assigning a term paper on Jacque
                                                               DeMolay and the Knights Templar moments af er
                                                               commenting on my dad’s Masonic ring that I have
                                                               worn continually since the night I was raised.  Later, I
                                                               taught industrial arts and handled daily the working
                T om Chisholm                                 tools of the operative mason; always contemplating
                    MWGM                                       the meaning they held for the speculative mason.  T e
                                                               current stage of life f nds me in the role of leadership,
             I have long pondered my f nal opportunity to  both in occupation and Freemasonry.  Again, one
          address the Craf  as Grand Master in the Montana  could never deny the appearance of coincidence.
          Freemason Magazine.  Like everyone, I wish my
          thoughts and words to have some benef cial meaning     However it is not my ref ections that matter, but
          and an attempt to stimulate one’s thoughts to greater  the understanding of the relationship of Freemasonry
          deeds.  In my muddled contemplations, I have reverted  to one’s education.  Freemasonry is a method for
          to my basic characteristics and occupational designs.   one to continue to learn; an enlightenment of one’s
          Education has been my life in one form or another for  self and one’s interactions with mankind.  It is not a
          almost four decades; the roles of student and teacher  memorization club with members reciting elemental
          have intertwined to become one.  Continuously  aspects of life and death.  T  is is merely a means to
          along this journey, Masonry has cast a shadow on  an end.  T  e whole lessons of Masonry include both
          my learning and achievement.  One could easily  the means and the end.  One can ref ect on Bloom’s
          argue that this relationship between Freemasonry  Taxonomy of learning levels to better understand
          and lifelong learning is not by coincidence.  It is this  this holistic methodology.  (Benjamin Bloom studied
          relationship that has the most meaning for me as I  pedagogy and andragogy, or methods of how students
          ref ect on Montana Masonry.                         and adults learn)

             My Masonic education was mostly likely f rst        T  e foundation is rote memory skills, such as the
          documented by a circa 1974 photograph that captured  memorization of multiplication tables. On the peak
          an image of my three and a half year old self at the foot of  of the levels is synthesis/evaluation.  T  at is creating
          the Worthy Matron’s station in the Hot Springs Lodge  knowledge, the highest and arguably the purest form
          Hall.  T  is was a picture of my mom’s installation, the  of education.  In between these levels are critical
          f rst of several stints as Worthy Matron of the chapter.  thinking, problem solving, understanding, and other
          I was a part of an organization that would guide  forms of learning.
          my life.  A couple years later, I became cognizant
          of how a Masonic family handles death, when my          Masonry is capable of all these levels of learning.
          grandmother passed.  T  is was important because  T  e mouth-to-ear oral traditions transfer the basic
          it was the reinforcing agent for my dad to become  pillars of the craf  to the degreed initiate. Higher
          a Mason; he f rst pondered it when my grandfather  levels of learning, including synthesis, occur with the
          passed years before.  Dad became a Mason, and very  lessons of Masonry through vigilant contemplation.
          importantly a Shriner.  It was witnessing my dad’s role  What is remarkable is Freemasonry can yield both
          in Shrine that f rst sparked the idea for me.  I joined  individual and universal truths.  T  at is to say, many
          Masonry to become a Shriner.  And, to this day, I am  have similar understanding through Masonry, and yet
          very proud of my time in both entities and the lessons  it can be unique to a single brother. Masonry provides
          they have taught me.                                 education that is physical, intellectual, emotional, and
                                                               spiritual.  Although it can, and has been so applied
             During my professional life, Masonry was also on  as such, stand alone as a discipline in these formats,
          the periphery to teach me.  At f rst, I was immersed  Masonry is to supplement and not supplant one’s
          in the history of humanity when I was a social studies  lessons in exercise, intelligence, relationships, and
          teacher. Teaching World History, American History,  religion.  It is also intended to be life-long.  I would
          and Government brought the lessons of American  postulate education extends beyond one’s life.
          Freemasonry to light in every word of the Constitution,
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