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Montana Freemason                                           May 2014                                           Volume 90   Number 2

          in Gloucester itself, as being too southerly, but) in  though there is no way in which we can verify such
          the north of Gloucestershire or in the neighbouring  theories, especially seeing that we know nothing
          north of Herefordshire, or even possibly in the south  about the document save what it has to tell us about
          of Worcestershire.”                                  itself, which is little.
             (A.Q.C. VII, page 35.)                               In his Commentary on the Regius MS, R.F. Gould
                                                                                    y y y y y
                                                               pr p p odduc dded a ppparagaggggrara hphphpp tthhahat hhhhhhhhh
                                                               produced a paragraph that has ever since served as
                                  f f f facacacacacacaccacacacacccccccccccccsisisisisissisisissississsisiss mimimmimimmmmimimimmmimimmimillelelelellelleelelel
                                             o o o o o o o o of f fffffffff fff thththththhththhhththththththisisisiisisiiiiisisisisiss ffffffffffffamamamamamamaamaammmououuouououuouououououousssss sssssssss
             In 1889 an exact facsimile of this famous  the pivot of a great debate. It reads as follows and
                                                               th th thh thh th th th th thh thhe eeeeeeeee pipiipipipipipippippipipipipipp vovovovovvvoovovoovootttt ttttttttt ofofoffofofffofofoofofoofoff aaaaaaaaaaaaaa gggggggggggggggggrerererereereeererreatatatatattatatattaatataat dddddddddddddddddddebebbbebebebebbbebebebatatatatatattattataattaaaaaaaa ee. III
                                 s sh s s s s s s edededddddedededddeddde
          manuscript was published in Volume I of the  refers to the “sermonette” portion which deals with
                                       i i i i i i in  VVVVVVVVVoVolullllllll meme IIIIIIII of fffff thhhhhhthththhe  reffffffers to  hhhhhthe ““““““s“ ermom netttttttttee””e”e”e”e”ee”e”e  poooooo
          Antigrapha produced by the Quatuor Coronati Lodge  “moral duties”: “T  ese rules of decorum read very
                                y y y y y y y y theheheeheehehhh QQuatuor Coronati Lodge  “moral duties”:  “T ese rrrrululuuluuluuuulessssss
          of Research, and was edited by the then secretary  curiously in the present age, but their inapplicability
                                e e e e ediiididiiitteteteeetetetetttet ddd dddd byy the then  secretary  curiously in the present aaaaaaaaggggggegggggg , , bb
                                   WiWWWiWiWiWWWiWiW llll iam  Speth, himself a  to the circumstances of f ththththththhhe wwwwwww
          of that lodge, George William Speth, himself a  to the circumstances of the working Masons of the
          brilliant authority, who supplied a glossary that is  fourteen or f f eenth century will be at once apparent.
                                o o ssupuupuppupupupupupupuupplied  a glossary that  isss  fourteen or f f eenth centttnturuurururrury wwwwww
                                m m m mateteeeeeeeeeuuuuruuuuu  student. Along with it  T  ey were intended for ttthehehhehhehehhe gggggggeee
          indispensable to the amateur student. Along with it  T  ey were intended for the gentlemen of those days,
                                 e e e e en e e tatataatattat ryrrrrr  by R.F. Gould, onnnnneeeeeee of  anaaaaaaa d ddddddddddddddddd d thtttttttttt e instruction fof r bebbebeeeebeb hahh vvvvvvvv
          was published a commentary by R.F. Gould, one of  and the instruction for behaviour in the presence of
                                M M Ma
          the greatest of all his Masonic papers, though it is  a lord - at table and in the society of ladies - would
                                M M M M Maaaassosoooosososos nic  papers, thoughhhhhhhh iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit t tttt tttttttt issssssss  aaa aaa loooooooooooooooorrdrdrdrdrddrdrrddrrddrdrdddd - at t table and inn tttttttthehehhehheehhe soooo
                                 l l li l l l l ngngggggngngg aaaaarrangement and gggggggggggggggggeneneenennneeeennnnnererere alaalalalalalallaalallal  hhahhahhahahhahahhhahhahhhhhahhahahahaveveeevevveveevevveevvvvve aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bbbbbbbeeeenn equally outt ofoofofofofofoo  plaaa
          exasperating in its rambling arrangement and general  have all been equally out of place in a code of manners
          lack of conclusiveness.                              d dr d d dr dr dr d dr d d dr dr d drrrr d dr drr dr dr dr dr dr d d draawawawawawaawawwawawawwawaawawwwwwawawwwwwwawwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn uuuupupupuupuuuuuupuuuuuuuu ffor the use of aaaaa aa GGGGGuGGG iill
                                                                drawn up for the use of a Guild or Craf  of Artisans.”
                                 i i ip i tt t ttt isiisissis the only one of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll tttttttttttheheheheheheheheheheeee
             T  e Regius Manuscript is the only one of all the   T
                                                                  T  T  T  T  T  Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  point  of this  isi ttttttthhhhahhhh t
                                                                  T  e point of this is that there must have been
          versions to be written in meter, and may have been  present among the Craf smen of that time a number of
                                 n n  n n mememmemmmmmmeter, and may have  bebebebebebebebeebebeeebebeeeeeneneennnenenenenenenenneenennenenennnenne   prprppprprprprprprpprprprprpprprpppppppp esesesseeseseeeeeeeeeesessenenenneennnenenenennnnenneeenneennt among the Crafsssmmmmmemmemmmm n
                                 i i i if ooooooooooonnnennn  may  judgeg   by  ceececececececececeecececeecececececcceertrtrtrtrrrtrrtrtrtrrtrtrtrrrrttttttttaiaiaiiiiiaiiaiiiiaiaiiiaiiaiiaaiaaaaiiinn nnnnnnnnnnn n nnnnnnnnn nnnnnn
                                                               m m me
                                                               meen nnnnn nnonnonononnonnnnnnonnnonnnnononnononoonnoot engaged at all innnnnn lalallaboob
                                                               m m m m me
                                                               m m me
                                                               m m me
          composed by a priest, if one may judge by certain  men not engaged at all in labour, and therefore were,
                                                               m m me
                                                               m m m m m
                                 g g
                                 g g g gh ttttttttthhhehehhhhh  point is didissputededdddddedddededdeddededddededededdeedeeee .... TT T TTTTT TTT T TTTTT TT TTTTT TT T T TTT TTTT Terererererrererererererererrerre e eeeeeee eeeeeeee
          internal evidences, though the point is disputed. T ere  as we would now describe them, “speculatives.” T is
                                                               as a a a a a a a a a a a a wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe eeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee e wowowowwowowowowowowwowwowowwowwwwwwwwwow uld now describebebbebeeeee thhhhhhh
                                h h h h h heee popopppopp eem, the strictlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMasasasasasasasasasasasassasaaaaassssssonononononononnonononononononnonoonoooonnicicciciciiciciciciciciiiicicicciciciccccccccici   wwwwoowoowowowwowwwwwwwwwoowowwowwowwww uuuulullululuuuululululuululluluuuuuululddddddddddddddddddd ddd ddddddd bebebebebebebebebebebbebebebebebebebebbebebbbbbb oooof immense immmmmpopopoppopoopppp rttr aaaaaa
          are some 800 lines in the poem, the strictly Masonic  would be of immense importance if Gould had made
                                 e e enddddddddd aat  linee 5576,  affffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrr rrrr r r whwhwhwhwhwhhwhwwhwwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhwhhwhwhhwhwwhwhwhwwhwhwhwwhwhw icicicicicicicciciciciiiii hhhh hhhhhhhhh hhhhhh
          portion coming to an end at line 576, af er  which  good his point, but that he was not able to do. T e
                                                               go goooo go gooooo go go goooo gooooo goo go go go goooooooodooooooodooodooodododododdooodoooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhisiisisisissisisssisss pppppppppppoint, but thatt hhhhhhhheeee www
          begins what Hughan calls a “sermonette” on moral  greatest minds of the period in question were devoted
                                a a al a lsssss aa “sermonette”  ononnonnnononononoononnnonoonnononnoonnno mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmororororoorrrorroroorororrrorooroooo alalaalallalalalalalalaalalaal  grgrgrgrgrgrgrgrggrgrgrrgrgrgrgrggggrggrrrggggrgrgggg eaeaeaeaeaaeeaaeaeeaeaeeaeeeaaeaeeatetettetetetteteteteteeteteteetettteteteteeteeeststtttstststtstststtstststttssstsss mmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiniiii ds of the periiriiododoododoo  innnn
                                  quuuuiiitititiitti ee ee a Roman Cathththhhththththhthhhhhhhththhhhhthhhhhhholoololololollooololololooloooooooloooooo ic vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeieiieiieieieieieieieeieieeiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnn  tototototototoototttoototototototttotototot aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrcrcrcrccrrcrrcrcrrcrrcrrrr hihhihhhhihihihhihihihhhihhhihhhhihhhiteteteteeeeeeteeeeeeeectccccccc ure, and thereeee iiis nnnnn
          duties, in which there is quite a Roman Catholic vein  to architecture, and there is no reason not to believe
                                 si sinsnsnssnnsns seven”, “the swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee t ttttttt t ttttttt ttt lalalaaaalalalalalaaaalalaaadyddydydydydyddydydydydydydddyddydyy”””””””””
          with references to “the sins seven”, “the sweet lady”  that among the Craf smen were members of good
                                                               th th thhh th th th thhh thh thh thh thh tatatatataatatatatatattattaataataaat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamomomomomomomomommomoommomomommmmm nngnnn  the Craf smmmeeenennnn www
                                 ) ) ) ) ananananananndd ddddd to holy water. TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeererererererererrerrerrreerrreeererree iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiss s
          (referring to the Virgin) and to holy water. T ere is  families. Also the Craf  was in contact with the clergy
                                                               f f f f f f f f fa f fa fa fa fa f f fa fammimimimiimiiiimmimiiimmimimimmmiiimmimim lililillilillliiililllillillillllililliiliiesesesesssesseseseessesessseee .. Also the Craf  wwwwasaasaaasaa  innnnn
                                 l l laaa l la l l trrrrryyy yy yyy in any otht er versiiisisisiisisiisiiiisiiiiiiiiionoononononnononnnooonononoononnonoonoonnonn oooooooooooooooffff fffffffffffffffffffff ff
                                                               allll alll al allll al al allll a a al all a alll a all lllllllllll llllllll thththththththththththtthhhthhhhtthhhththeeeeeeeeeeee ee whhili e, and therefoorereerereere mmmmaa
          no such specif c Mariolatry in any other version of  all the while, and therefore many of its members may
                                g ghhhhhh thtthththhhtheeeeeee great majorityy of thhhhhememmemmmmememmmmmemmmmmmmmmmmmm  wewewewwwweewewwewwwww lllllllll hhavave ststooo d in need ofofoffffoffof rrrrululee
          the Old Charges, though the great majority of them  well have stood in need of rules for preserving proper
                                 C C C C Chuhuhuuhuuuuurcrrrrr h” and allll oof thhem, untiittiiiittiitiiitiiitiiilllllllll l llll
                                                               de d de d d d d de de d d d de d d d d de de de d de dee d d d d corurum iin great houusesessssssss anaaananananaand d
          express loyalty to “Holy Church” and all of them, until  decorum in great houses and among the members of
                                 i ioon,n,n,n,n,nnnnn, aaaaaaare specif cacally Christian,  ttht e upper classes. Froomm WWoWWWoWWWWW oooo
          Anderson’s familiar version, are specif cally Christian,  the upper classes. From Woodford until the present
          so far as religion is concerned. ddd.dddd            time the great majority of Masonic scholars have
                                 e e er e nenenennneeenen
                                                               ti t ti t t ti ti t t t t t ti t t t t t t ti t t timememeemeeeemmeeeeemeeeeeeeee the  great majorittyyyyy  ofofoooo MMM
                                                               believed the Old Charges to have been used by a
                                                               b b b b b be b b b liiiiieved the Old Charggggggeseseesesseseesese  toooo
             T  e author furnishes a list of f f een  “points”  strictly operative craf  and it is evident that they will
                                e e ess e e aaaaaaaaaaaa list  of f f een “poinntsts”  strictly operative craf  andndndnndndddd it ii
                                 l l l  l  ofofooffffffoffoof wwwwwhich are  quite specif c  continue to do so untiill momomomommomomoomm reeeee
          and f f een “articles”, all of which are quite specif c  continue to do so until more conclusive evidence to
                                 t th th t eee eeeee bbebbbbb haviouour of a Craf sman:  the contrary is forthcomininininnniinng gggggggggggg thhhhhhh
          instructions concerning the behaviour of a Craf sman:  the contrary is forthcoming than Gould’s surmise.
          this portion is believed by many to have been the
                                d d d bbbbbyy y yyyyyyyy mamanynyyyyy tto have bbeen  ththe
          charges to an initiate as used in the author’s period,   Ne
                                s s s s ususssssssededededdededddedded iiiiiiiiiiiin nn nnnnnnn hhhhhhhththththththee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee auauauauaauuauauaauauaauauaaauauauaua ththhhhththththththththt orororororoorroorroorrorororr’s’’’s’s’sssss ppppppppppppppererererrerrerererererrrerrioioioioiioioioiooioioooioioioodddddddddddd,dddd,dd,d,d,,,
                                                                  Next to the Regius the oldest manuscript is that
                                                                  N N Ne
                                                                  N N Ne
                                                                  Neeeeexttxtxttxtxttxtxtxtxtttxxtxxtxtxt tttttttttttttttooooooooooooo thththhthhththhhthhhhthhhthththheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  ReReeRRReReReReRReReReRReReReee igigigigiigigigigigigigigigiggggg usususussususuususususssuus ttttttttttttttthehheheheheeehehheheheeheheheheehehee olllddld
                                 thhe e most iimpmpportant feature offf ff
                                                               knowown as theh  Cooke. It was ppppppppppppppppp
          and is therefore deemed the most important feature of  known as the Cooke. It was published by R. Spencer,
                                      i i i
                                                       l l l l l l l l l l l iii
                                             f f f f f f f f f f hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
          the book as furnishing us a picture of the regulations  London, 1861 and was edited by Mr. Matthew Cooke,
          of the Craf  at that remote date. T e Craf  is described  hence his name. In the British Museum’s catalogue
          as having come into existence as an organized  it is listed as “Additional M.S. 23,198”, and has been
          fraternity in “King Adelstoune’s day”, but in this  dated by Hughan at 1450 or thereabouts, an estimate
          the author contradicts himself, because he refers to  in which most of the specialists have concurred.
          things “written in old books” (I modernize spelling of  Dr. Begemann believed the document to have been
          quotations) and takes for granted a certain antiquity  “compiled and written in the southeastern portion
          for the Masonry, which, as in all the Old Charges,  of the western Midlands, say, in Gloucestershire or
          is made synonymous with Geometry, a thing very  Oxfordshire, possibly also in southeast Worcestershire
          dif erent in those days from the abstract science over  or southwest Warwickshire. T  e ‘Book of Charges’
          which we laboured during our school days.            which forms the second part of the document is
                                                               certainly of the 14th century, the historical or f rst
             T  e Regius Poem is evidently a book about  part, of quite the beginning of the 15th.”
          Masonry, rather than a document of Masonry, and
          may very well have been written by a non-Mason,         (A.Q.C. IX, page18)
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