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DeMolay Advisor Training

   The Montana Chapter of DeMolay                     We are ONE TEAM, with ONE PURPOSE. We
conducted a special Advisor Training course           believe that everyone has untold potential; therefore,
on April 27 &28 in Bozeman. Director                  DeMolay provides a safe environment to develop
of Jurisdictional Services & Training                 thoughtful and caring leaders.
presentation Franc “Dynamite” Norstrom’s
focus was on the new “Belief Based Marketing”            We have given ourselves a goal for positive growth
concept. The central feature of this was:             the second half of 2014. We have challenged ourselves
                                                      to have double digit initiations at 2 events in May and
   “We believe that everyone has untold potential;    June. We will be having our first State Wide Initiation
 Therefore DeMolay provides opportunities to          at our annual Sweet Retreat on May 24th in Fairmont
 develop character and leadership skills through      Hot Springs. The second will be at Grand Lodge in
 practice and example in a safe; empowering           Polson on June 27th. We are confident we can make
 environment.”                                        each of these initiations a glorious success.

   You can go to YouTube and search for DeMolay          We are very excited for the future of DeMolay,
Leadership Conference 8/10 Belief Based Marketing     and we plan on making this Advisor Summit an
and view a past presentation.                         annual event to give our advisors an opportunity to
                                                      come together and share their ideas, as One Team of
   Attending the weekend training were several        Montana DeMolay Advisors. We hope all Mason’s
DeMolay Advisors, the State DeMolay Executive Staff   of Montana can take some time to attend some
and three Grand Lodge Officers: Brian Murphy, R. W.   local meetings and see what we do for this amazing
Senior Grand Warden; Reid Gardiner, R. W. Grand       organization.
Secretary and Lewie Fletcher, W. Grand Marshal, who
have all had experience helping Montana DeMolay.         Those attending the Advisor Training included:
                                                      Sam Whitehead (3,105); Jade Allen; Shawn Ratchford
   This weekend marked our first annual DeMolay       (3); J.D. Olson (105); Trever Howard (29); Dan
Advisor Summit. This weekend was centered around      Massey (149); Keith Olsen (105); Mark Carlson (44);
advisors from all across Montana getting together to  Chris Wilhelm; Josh Williams (6); Jauquin Burkhart;
learn and brainstorm new ideas that will help sling
shot Montana DeMolay to the next level.                                                 Michael Welton (29);
                                                                                        David Subik (22); Nick
   The main guest speaker was Brother Frank                                             Combs (6); Heather
Nordstrom, from the DeMolay International                                               Combs; josh Olsen (105);
Headquarters in Kansas City, MO. He brought some                                        Ted Williams(1,6,18);
amazing tools and ideas that most of us who attended                                    Wilson Raska (18) and
had never heard before.                                                                 Lance Averett (90).
Each and every advisor
who attended walked away
feeling motivated and
inspired on ways to gain
membership, keep our
existing boys interested
and get our name out into
our local communities.

   With these new tools                               DeMolay/Rainbow Girls, Sweet Retreat, May 24th
and ideas, we all believe                             at Fairmont Hot Springs!
that we are no longer                                                           Page 27
separate chapters, with separate advisory boards,
under the umbrella of the Jurisdiction of Montana.
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