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Montana Freemason                                           May 2014                                             Volume 90   Number 2

                         The Builder Magazine                                  Guest Speaker
                    June 1915 - Volume I - Number 6
                    HYSTERIA AND HYSTERICS -                         Robert L. D. Cooper, Curator
                                                                  Grand Lodge AF&AM of Scotland
             Some few Brethren seem to have lost their poise in
          their protest against the article in the April issue on
          Hysteria in Freemasonry, and there have been one                                    We are fortunate
          or two acute cases of hysterics. To be sure, Brother                               enough to have as our
          Kuhn stated his case in a forthright and picturesque                               guest speaker Brother
          manner, as is his habit, but nothing was further from                              Bob    Cooper,    the
          his mind than to belittle real Masonic scholarship,                                Curator of the Grand
          much less to depreciate the great and simple                                       Lodge of Scotland
          symbolism of Masonry. Indeed, the sharp point of his                               Museum and Library.
          satire was in behalf of real scholarship and authentic                             Author and Historian.
          symbolism as over against those who have so often
          made Masonry ridiculous by exploiting pseudo-                                       Bro. Bob will speak
          learning and every hind of eccentric absurdity in its                              on one or both of the
          name. For too long the field of Masonic research has   following topics: 1. T  e Myth of Rosslyn Chapel
          been a happy hunting-ground for the faddist, the     2. Civility, the traditional relationship between Masons
          hobbyist, the half-baked mystic, not to mention the   and each other and society and the importance of how
          inveterate crank who seems to think that Masonry is   we deal with each other.
          a mathematical puzzle instead of human fraternity
          founded upon spiritual reality. Against this sort of   He is the author of numerous articles on all aspects
          thing the keen thrust of Dr. Kuhn was timely and     of Freemasonry and lectures widely on Freemasonry,
          well-aimed, and it went to the mark.
                                                               the Knights Templar, Rosslyn Chapel, the St. Clair
                                                               family etc. He is a frequent visitor to the USA.
             Judging from a number of letters in criticism of
          the review of The Great Work, the editor himself is in   Brother Cooper was initiated in T  e Lodge of Light,
          need of a thorough trouncing. Well, if Brother Kuhn   No. 1656 and is a Founder Member and Past Master
          and the editor have both earned a good thrashing,    of Lodge Edinburgh Castle, No. 1764. He ha Past
          as some seem to think,  by all means  let us  have   Master of Lodge Sir Robert Moray, No. 1641 the
          it, and the pages of The Builder are open  for that   premier Scottish Lodge of Research. He is currently
          purpose. Neither of us, however, can be convinced    serving as Master of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, No.
          by the man who takes refuge in the queer conceit     2076 (United Grand Lodge of England), the oldest
          of intellectual superiority and ponderous learning,   Lodge of Research in the world.
          the better to dodge the issue; we know the difference
          between argument and putting on airs. Face the       He has  written or edited a number of books:
          issues squarely, bring forward the facts, flay us right   An Account of the Chapel of Roslin
          heartily and in good spirit, nor forget the words of   T  e Genealogie of the Sainteclaires of Roslin
          Carlyle describing a walk and talk with Sterling:     An Illustrated Guide to Rosslyn Chapel
          - "We walked westward in company, choosing            A Winter with Robert Burns
          whatever lanes or quieter streets there were, as far   T  e Voyages of the Venetian Brothers Nicolo and
          as Knightsbridge where our roads parted; talking      Antonio Zeno
          of moralities and theological philosophies; arguing   T  e History and Origins of the Order of Free
          copiously, but except in opinion not disagreeing "
                                  •                             Freemasons, Gardeners and Templars
                                                                T  e Complete Manual of Freemasonry
                                                                T  e Templar Church of London
             The Builder was published from 1915 to 1930 by
          the National Masonic Research Society. Nearly a       Cracking the Freemasons’ Code
                                                                T  e Rosslyn Hoax?
          century later, it has yet to be surpassed in terms of   T  e Scottish ‘Standard’ Ritual
          quality of content. The publication did not rely on
          grip and grin photos to fill its pages; it relied on the   T  e Emblems of Freemasonry
          research work of the leading Masonic writers of the   T  e Red Triangle

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