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Montana Freemason  May 2014                                 Volume 90 Number 2

up the flimsy claim that Freemasonry is founded             relation between the words meaning to be born, and
upon the Egyptian mysteries. The facts are, there           to cut? Will any one claim that they are synonymous?
never was an Egypto-Coptic language. The Coptic             Unfortunately for this fancy of "Repressed Desire,"
language was spoken by the people of the Nile,              the lexicographers and etymologists are all on the
until the Saracen conquest; it lives to-day only in         other side of the question.
Biblical literature, enriched with Greek and Hebrew
words and embellished with a Greek culture of the              If "The spiritual and philosophical teachings of
Alexandrian School. The Egyptian language for the           the Craft and the oriental origin and great antiquity
last twelve hundred years has been Arabic, and if           of our beloved Order" depend on such flimsy and
there is or ever was a language known as Egypto-            untenable arguments or hypotheses, then the Craft
Coptic, it is a mongrel and not recognized by the           is in danger, both as to its teachings and its origin.
best authorities.                                           If any Mason wishes to draw geometrical figures
                                                            and lines, and evolve from them that life continues
   The English language is made up of words derived         beyond the grave, and to demonstrate the relation
from the divisions and subdivisions of the great            between the planets and the inhabitants thereof, no
Aryan Race whose root language is the Sanskrit.             one will deprive him of the pleasure; but the Book
Upon this derivation, the etymology of the English          on our Altar declared many Centuries ago that: "The
language is based. The word "Free" can be traced            Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament
back through the six or seven different languages to        showeth His handiwork. Day unto day uttereth
the Sanskrit root word, "Priya," the original meaning       speech and night unto night showeth knowledge." If
being beloved or dear. Through the different                any Mason wishes to amuse himself with the sacred
languages in which it can be traced it has its present      triangles of Pythagoras, to demonstrate the unity of
meaning, "Free."                                            the world and the existence of Deity, well and good;
                                                            but Freemasonry postulates the existence of God.
   The word, "Light," comes from the Sanskrit word,         If any Mason enjoys himself by delving into the
"Ruch," meaning brightness. The root of this word           mysteries of Egypt and the Kabalah, no one will
is found in the language of all Nations, and means          gainsay his zeal in his efforts to prove immortal life,
brightness or to shine. In the derivation of these two      the evidence of the spiritual world and the perfection
words can any one discover any relation whatever            of the Divine nature. It is well; but, Freemasonry
between the root "Priya" and the word "Ruch?" The           accepts all this as axiomatic and concerning which
wildest stretch of the imagination can not make             there can be no denial.
them synonymous.
                                                               Freemasonry is not a science of mental gyrations
   The claim that "Messem" is the plural of "Mes"           and abstractions, but it is the science of utilitarian
will not bear investigation because in the Coptic           thinking; it is not a philosophy of speculation, but it
Language the plural of a word ending in a consonant         is the philosophy of doing; it is not a symbolism of
was formed by adding the letter "I," hence if the           Occult Sciences, but it is the mystery of the unfolding
derivation were true it should be "Mesi," not               of a larger life; it is not so much as to origin, as it is
"Messem." Judging from the spelling of the word             to destiny; it is not so much as to the certainty of the
Mason in the several centuries, the Egypto-Coptic           past, as it is to the certainty and permanency in the
word "Mes" had a difficult course to travel to find         future.
its imaginary plural. In the 16th Century the word
was spelled "Maisson," "Masones" and "Maison." In              The liberal arts and sciences are worthy of every
1611 we find the expression "Frie men of Maissones;"        Mason's time and zeal, but these do not constitute
in 1634 it appears as "Frie Masones;" in 1636 it was        Freemasonry. The ancestry of Freemasonry
written "Frie Mason." But not until 1725 was the            through the operative Craft is noble, the teachings
Fraternity known as a "Society of Freemasons." If           of Freemasonry are sublime. Strained symbolism,
the word Mason and the word Children, were ever             abstract philosophy and etymological hypotheses
synonymous we ought to be able to trace the root            add nothing to its luster, but rather dim its radiance
of these words. The word Child comes from the               in the broad field of practical morality. Sentiment
Sanskrit word Ga or Gan meaning "to beget." From            is the greatest thing in the world. Freemasonry is
this root word up through all the languages the word        sentiment in action.
means child.                                                 And then there is the rest of the story two issues
   The word Mason can be traced back through all
the prominent languages to the Sanscrit root, "Mit,"
wPahgeic2h4 means to cut. Can any one find even a possible
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