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Montana Freemason  May 2014                               Volume 90 Number 2

the Craft was founded by any others than Masters of       painful to think how many of us have been groping
the Great School of Natural Science and Philosophy        blindly and in darkness for many years under the
who permitted it to be known to the profane that          delusion that the "Great Light" on our Altar reveal to
the Guild or Craft was one of operative Masons, for       us a merciful Father, the hope of immortal life and our
the purpose only to hide the real truths and its true     duty to God and our neighbor, and have overlooked
object from those hostile to the institution. This        the great source of Truth revealed along Geometrical
object was and has been for centuries to give to the      lines. Possibly we ought to replace the Holy Bible on
human race TRUTH concerning the creation of the           our Altar with a copy of Euclid. But the author leaves
universe and the continuity of life after death, the      a loop hole for our escape by saying farther along
immortality of the soul, and the relation which exists    in his article:--"This is plain enough to one who is
between this planet and the inhabitants of the whole      sufficiently interested and intelligent." I plead guilty
universe. These truths are
founded upon exact science,                                                           to the last charge. These
demonstrable by the Master                                                            citations are given merely
in the possession of the                                                              as an illustration of the kind
knowledge, the whole being                                                            of hysterical literature that
figured out on geometrical                                                            is being written under the
lines. Naturally this truth                                                           guise of Freemasonry.
would come in conflict with
orthodox and dogmatic                                                                     But Hysteria is protean
religion."                                                                            in its nature; it appears
                                                                                      suddenly in unexpected
   His first claim is, that                                                           quarters and under various
Freemasonry did not spring                                                            disguises. Several years ago it
from the operative Mason                                                              broke out in the etymological
and the history of such an                                                            field when a new prophet
ancestry was used merely                                                              arose who contented that
as a blind behind which the                                                           the words "Free Mason" are
Masters of the Great School                                                           derived from the Egypto-
of Natural Science and                                                                Coptic language, and mean
Philosophy hid themselves                                                             "Children of Light." This
from hostile foes. No one                                                             was a brand new discovery
will deny that the so called                                                          and from an unlooked-
philosophy was engrafted                                                              for source. Immediately
into Masonry with the                                                                 the Masonic barns and
evolution of the Royal                                                                woodsheds were filled with
Arch. Many of the symbols                                                             etymological gymnasts but
and emblems in the Lodge                                                              they have merely rehearsed
Ritual were added during the period of Ritualistic                                    the old stunt without any
development by Clare, Dunkerly, Hutchinson and            additional thrills. Listen: "If we are to believe that
Preston, but to claim that the Great Masters stole the    our words, 'Free Mason' are derived from the ancient
livery of the Operative Craft as a mask through fear      Egypto-Coptic language in which 'Phree' means
of hostility is absurd and unworthy of consideration,     light, knowledge, wisdom, or intelligence, while
and it is to be regretted that the simple philosophy      'Messem' was the plural of 'Mes,' signifying children;
of right living should be perverted into an occult        hence we were originally known as children or son
science and paraded as Masonic.                           of light, wisdom and intelligence. Then, considering
                                                          this, the true conception of the word 'Free Mason,' it
   But the sum and substance of this "Repressed           will be seen that everything else is consistent, placing
desire" is, that Freemasonry is a science plus a          in evidence not only the spiritual and philosophical
philosophy, which, when applied along "Geometrical        teachings of the Craft, but also showing the oriental
lines," we may know the truth that will reveal to us      origin and great antiquity of our beloved Order."
immortality, the continuity of life after death, and the     This is indeed a beautiful conception and we can
relation that exists between us and the inhabitants       only wish that Masons were children of the light,
of Mars, Venus and Saturn and we may even greet           even if the etymology is very wabbly. The assertion
the Jupterites. But he confesses that this wonderful      that the words, Free Mason, are derived from the
science along geometrical lines, "Would come in           Egyto-Coptic language is another figment of fancy
conflict with orthodox and dogmatic religion." It is      thrown out by "Repressed desire;" an effort to bPoalgsete23r
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