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Hysteria In Freemasonry

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   There is a certain mental condition, as set forth         profound system of metaphysics, that only the Ancient
frequently in our Masonic literature, especially in          wise men understood and could explain; a philosophy
that great forum, the Masonic press, that gives strong       so obstruse that the average Mason, and, possible, a
evidence of what may be termed Hysteria. It has not          Past Grand Master, is a mere babe and suckling in the
attained to that solidarity that we can characterize it      comprehension of it. I once met a man in a lunatic
as hysterical Freemasonry; it has such a spasmodic,          asylum, who came to me with crude geometrical
fantastic and grotesque manifestation, that the term         figures of a sphere, a cube, an equilateral triangle,
hysteria in Freemasonry is more suggestive, and at           and a right angle triangle, drawn on the bottom of a
the same time relieves the fraternity of the onus of the     paste board box. He explained to me that the three
disease and places it on the individual.                     sides of the equilateral triangle represented the
                                                             three great forces of Nature, namely, the upsideness,
   Freemasonry must not be held responsible for              the downsideness and the downupsideness or the
it, either by heredity or by environment; it is purely       upsidedownness; as long as the upsideness and
an exotic growth. Hysteria has been defined as,              downsideness maintain their proper relation and
"Repressed Desire"; hence it is purely a mental state.       were greater in power than the third side represented
We find hysteria in medicine, in religion, in law, in        by the downupsideness or the upsidedownness,
Pedagogics, in philosophy, in fact it abounds in all         everything would be harmonious; but should these
systems of thought. It should not, therefore, be thought     three great forces ever become projected, so as to
strange that this mental quirk, this cerebration cut on      form a right angle triangle, so that the square of the
the bias, should manifest itself in Freemasonry. The         downsideupness or the upsidedownness becomes
disease is not contagious in the accepted sense of the       equal to the sum of the squares of the upsideness
word, but it is transmitted by mimicry. If a circus          and downsideness, then chaos and evil would reign,
comes to town and the boys succeed in attending              and as the cube, representing the universe, consists
it, the barns and woodsheds are filled for months,           of many right angle triangles, there would be an
thereafter, by embryo rope walkers, contortionists           endless disturbance in the cosmogony of the world.
and bare back riders. A transmission by imitation. It        I admired his vast learning and profundity, and I was
is equally true in Freemasonry; let some one expound         mere suckling to his theme and theory. I advised him
something that looks, tastes, smells and sounds              to write it out in full and that I would give him the
profound, imitators will spring up from all quarters.        names of several Masonic papers which would be
The more incomprehensible the seeming profundity,            more than delighted to publish it. This man had been
the greater the number of gymnasts in the Masonic            judged insane, he was not a hysteric..
barns and woodsheds.
                                                                A Masonic hysteric is a man with a wild
   I have always believed that Freemasonry was a             imagination plus a symbol. The beauty about a
very practical thing; a something that manifests             symbol, is its flexibility; you can see more things in it
itself, chiefly, in a man's life; that it is a life and not  and through it than were ever dreamed of by mortal
a theory; practical living and doing, not dreaming           man, and no man can say to you, nay. It is said that a
and philosophizing. That it was a beautiful, everyday,       Masonic hysteric one day saw some rabbit tracks in
practical system of morality veiled in allegory, and         the snow and he immediately began to demonstrate
illustrated by symbols; not veiled to confuse or hide,       the fact that the rabbit had a working knowledge of
but to make plain; not buried in symbols to obscure,         the Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipitence of
but to fix indelibly some plain, possibly homely, truth.     Diety, because the tracks were triangular in outline.
I have believed that the allegory and the symbol
in Freemasonry stood in the same relation to the                What I may have said may sound jestingly, but
candidate that the parables of the "Great Teacher"           we need not go far to see the convulsions of these
stood in relation to the multitudes who heard Him. The       hysterics. I quote one from a leading Masonic
allegory, the symbol and the parable are but different       Journal; listen to its profoundity:--"Therefore
modes of expression to make clear the thought. But           when we consider the profound truths, marvelous
now comes the Masonic Philosopher and the Masonic            philosophy, and exact sciences upon which
Symbologist with eyes in fiery frenzy rolling, actuated      Freemasonry is founded, and which bear the ear
and influenced by this "Repressed desire" and says:          marks of centuries of scientific research, such as
"It is all a mistake, Freemasonry is not such a simple       the careful observer must admit is contained in the
thing, as everyday living and doing; no it is a sublime,     work, we must banish for all time the thought that

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