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Montana Freemason               May 2014                      Volume 90 Number 2

   The Montana Freemason is an official publication of                        About the Cover:
the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons                      The Mission Mountains
of Montana and is provided by the Montana Masonic             Photo coutsey of Susan Lake Photography
Foundaiton, Inc. Unless otherwise noted, articles in this
publication express only the private opinion or assertion                  Lemlmts u kw cxw uy
of the writer, and do not necessarily reflect the official       “Welcome to our home” - Salish language
position of the Grand Lodge. The jurisdiction speaks only
through the Grand Master and the Executive Board when
attested to as official, in writing, by the Grand Secretary.

   The Editorial staff invites contributions in the form                      Kiʔsuʔk kyukyit
of informative articles, reports, news and other timely              “Welcome” - Kootenai language
information (of about 350 to 1000 words in length) that        The cover photo is courtesy of Mission Valley resident
broadly relate to general Masonry. Submissions must be        Susan Lake. Other than a professional photographer,
typed or preferably provided in MS Word format, and all       Susan is a member of a large agricultural family. The
photographs or images sent as a .JPG file. Only original      family farms produce wheat, alfalfa, and seed potatoes.
or digital photographs or graphics that support the           (The first seed potatoes grown in the area were
submission are accepted.                                      compliments of Past Grand Master Harold Small) The
                                                              family also has a seed development laboratory that works
   All material is copyrighted and is the property of the     in partnership with MSU and the Extension Office to
Grand Lodge of Montana and the authors.                       provide quality seed research and development.
                                                               The iconic barn is a valley landmark that pays tribute
   Subscription - the Montana Freemason Magazine is           to the pioneering history of the valley’s agricultural
provided to all members of the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M.          community. In addition to the crops mentioned canola,
of Montana.                                                   field corn, rapeseed, and mint compliment the estimated
                                                              900,000 calves that are produced annually.
   © 2012 Montana Masonic Foundation, Inc. All rights          Framing the photo is the snow covered caps of Mount
reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed,     McDonald. The east peak is the fourth highest in
modified or distributed without the express prior written     Montana breaking the 10,000 feet threshold. The west
permission of the copyright holder.                           peak protects a glacier that in the winter forms the
                                                              profile of the shape of a bighorn sheep and is part of
   When reprinted, articles should note:“Reprinted with       the local lore. The mountain is named for Hudson Bay
permission of The Montana Freemason Magazine.                 fur trapper Angus McDonald. Angus was married to
                                                              Catherine (Catherine was closely related to the Nez
    Please direct all articles and correspondence to :        Perce Chiefs, Eagle From the Light, Looking Glass,
                                                              White Bird, and Joseph) They operated the trading
                                                              establishment Fort Connah which is maintained as a
                                                              historical site just north of St. Ignatius. Today there are
                                                              more than 800 living relatives of Angus and Catherine
                                                              according to author James Hunter in his book: Scottish
                                                              Highlanders, Indian Peoples.

        Reid Gardiner, Editor
The Montana Freemason Magazine

             PO Box 1158
      Helena, MT 59624-1158

            (406) 442-7774

    Articles submitted should be typed, double spaced
and spell checked. Articles are subject to editing and Peer
Review. No compensation is permitted for any article or
photographs, or other materials submitted for publication.
All photographs must be identified as to who took the
photo and the names of the individuals who may appear
in the photo. E-mail all photos and articles to the address
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